Young Henrys Roadhouse

Scott Wallace
5th Jun 2015

As anyone who’s been to Goodgod Small Club can attest, stepping through the doors and down the stairs is like entering another world.

The heavily wooded Danceteria, with its ornamental wagon wheel and other rustic accoutrements, located at the rear of the establishment, was already a sharp counterpoint to the exotic disco air of the front bar, but now playing resident to Young Henrys Roadhouse, it’s another story entirely.

The Inner West’s favourite brewers, known mostly for their robust Newtowner summer ale, which graces taps at bars all over Sydney, are bringing their wares to Goodgod’s Danceteria every Thursday this month for the special event featuring live music and complementary beers for the first one hundred patrons.

The stage is now decked out with hanging chains, forming a sort of cage, which for the first instalment of Roadhouse was a perfect fit. The monstrous, gothic Australiana conjured by Melbourne band Twin Beasts was barely contained by the little performance space, but meshed perfectly with its rustic ambience.

I’m not sure when Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” became a classic rock staple, but I’m not complaining. Twin Beasts tore into it with gusto, slotting it in perfectly alongside their monolithic, rambling blues rock originals.

If the music goes this well every week washed down with Young Henrys' brew – the tinnies of Real Ale from their core range were particularly delicious – then they definitely have a winner on their hands.

If you linger in the front bar for a little while too, you can grab a special Baoger from the famous Belly Bao eatery. Transplanting the venue’s signature steamed buns into a burger, this special is only available on Roadhouse nights.

The rest of the menu is a delicious crop of all things fried or roasted, but with some surprisingly delicate and complex flavours. There is a very good reason that the scrumptious Gua Bao is Belly Boa’s namesake.

But be warned – if you have a low tolerance for things that are hot, then forgo the chilli aioli or order it on the side.

Only three weeks remain to get in and check out Roadhouse. Take a look at the Sydney Scoop Calendar to see which performers will be playing at Young Henrys Roadhouse next.