Tell Me On A Sunday

Rebecca Varidel
19th Apr 2024

Captivating. Heart touching. And Timeless. Erin Clare Delivers An Elevated Best Opening Night!

Tell Me On A Sunday is a beautiful heart touching story in song through the lyrics of Don Black and the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber to which anyone who has ever fallen in love can relate. It's the story of an English girl newly arrived in New York brimming with optimism, as she sets out to seek success, companionship and, of course, love. But as she weaves her way through the maze of the city and her own anxieties, and heartaches - she begins to wonder whether in fact - she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places.

The award-winning musical contains the hit musical numbers Take That Look Off Your Face, Capped Teeth and Caesar Salad, It’s Not the End of the World, Nothing Like You’ve Ever Known and the title namesake Tell Me On A Sunday.

Opening night, and Erin Clare delivered an all-out outstanding and captivating performance. Yet it was that number Tell Me On A Sunday that best convinced me this is the best version of this show that Sydney could have staged.

Silence. Pause. We wait. And the song continues. It was a moment of brilliance. Director Blazey Best inserted the moment for us, the audience, to breathe and grieve Erin Clare explained to me later at the opening night party when I told her how extraordinary her rendition of the Tell Me On A Sunday song was.

“Tell Me On A Sunday was such a momentous cultural moment when I was a kid,” added Blazey Best. “A journey through a young woman’s fears, rage, lust, joy and ultimate self discovery, decades before television brought us Sex And The City and Fleabag. This is a unique opportunity to see this tour-de-force performance from the phenomenally talented Erin Clare in the intimacy of the Hayes space.”

As a show originally produced in the '70s, I totally loved the modern yet '70s feel to the many costume changes that lead us through the seasons of this story. Applause to the live six piece band for a tight musical performance that supported and uplifted the show without overpowering the leading lady. There's a little moment where Erin Clare dances opposite a dancing Laura Power on saxaphone that I'm sure made more than just me smile. This Michelle Guthrie production of Tell Me On A Sunday is packed with moments like that. Emotions. Gestures. Movements. Expressions. Change. That can't help reeling you in and touching you in some way. A new friend from the audience told me Erin Clare's portrayal brought tears to their eyes. Her performance certainly brought the opening night audience to its feet.

The set is minimal and allows within the intimacy of Hayes Theatre the starring songstress to shine. Congratulations to Erin Clare, Blazey Best (Director), Guy Simpson (Musical Supervisor), Lisa Callingham (Associate Director), David Gardos (Music Director), Kelsey Lee (Lighting Designer), Ruby Jenkins (Costumer Coordinator), Damion Holling (Production Manager), Thomas brickhill (Sound Designer), Krystelle Quartermain (Stage & Company Manager), Hana Barn (Assistant Stage Manager), musicians Julienne Guerbois (Cello), Laura Power (Flue/Alto Flute/Alto Saxaphon/Tenor Saxophone), Seb Bartels (Electric Guitar/ Accoustic Guitar), Andy Davies (Drums/Percussion), Benjamin Campbell (Electric Bass/Acoustic Bass), to producer Michelle Guthrie and Hayes Theatre for a glorious night of grand musical entertainment.

Tickets for another week of shows have just been released, but be quick as always the shows at Hayes Theatre Sydney will sell out quickly.

Photo of Erin Clare by John McRae.