Berliners: Sydney Fringe Festival

Natasha Ciesielski
16th Sep 2023

Berliners is an absurdist comedic play about two roommates sharing an apartment separated by the Berlin Wall.

The play explores an alternate-history of 1989; one of the most influential moments in history. The stage is split in two with a large replica of the Berlin Wall (West/East Berlin), placing Tom in East Germany and Nick to the West. Two men who couldn’t be more different if they tried, Tom proudly toeing the party line and reporting propaganda, while Nick enjoys the freedom of unregulated capitalism, although struggles financially. The two find connection despite the physical and political barriers, as well as differences in personality. As the wall comes down, odd-couple Tom and Nick’s relationship develops and deepens, bringing them to question their own political ideologies.

Produced by Emma Wiltshire, Berliners stars, comedy-duo writer/performers, Tom Waddell and Nick Harriott. Nick and Tom's previous works include: Real Estate Agents, Sit and Com, Divorced Dads and Dandies. Their most recent Fringe Festival tour of Real Estate Agents performed at Adelaide Fringe Festival and a sold-out run for Sydney Comedy Festival. The talented duo were also grand finalists in the 2023 Improv Comedy Cagefight.

There’s depth in this comedic narrative. The witty dialogue and clever use of language, adding layers of meaning. Berliners is a satire of historical and political drama, however given today’s political environment, it’s hard not to compare the lighthearted lines and propaganda reporting to present-day Ukraine and Russia. It’s a clever script and delivery to take such serious moments and turn them to laughter.

Full of heart and humour Berliners strikes a chord with a diverse range of audience members. This well-written, thoughtful offbeat comedy will have you laughing and commiserating.