Sydney Fringe Festival: Moist

Kate Young
3rd Sep 2023

We all have those words we hate, I like many HATE the word MOIST, now I hear you, hate is a strong declaration, but for a term that means moderately or slightly wet. The mere mention has my insides sucking up into itself and leaving me nothing but dry. So why, why would I choose to attend a show that boldly has its name as the title. I asked myself this question too, am I trying to prove something to myself, am I setting a challenge that I too could live in a world where a word no longer physically repels me or simply was it the thought that if anyone was to sway my way of thinking, who better then four queer men clad in lavender lycra body suits.

Our Narrator for the night is Timothy Christopher Ryan (also one of the brains behind the show along with resident strongman/bear The Mighty Caesar), explains to us that he’s thirsty, parched you might say. In this dystopian world we find ourselves in, water is scarce and our bearded friend is dire need to wet his lips.  He implores the audience to keep their eye out for his three ex-lovers as they hold the key and perhaps the cup to quenching his thirst.

Moist is an hour-long homoerotic circus, that’s part pantomime and part stand up; its high paced energy will keep you enthralled. There’s a copious amount of acts – acrobatic tower mounting, illuminated hula hooping, beer keg tossing, cyr wheel riding, leather daddy whip cracking. Add to this, bubble guns, swan lake towel flicking, muscle beach posing and a divine tribute to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus using kiddy clamshell wading pools and featuring the 3 former lovers who bathe and become a human fountain, the trajectory and grace could give the Bellagio water show a run for its money. A sexy burlesque number complete with jockstraps and florescent body paint delivers the climax of the night.

A huge round of applause goes to all the players, Timothy Christopher Ryan, The Mighty Caesar, Pete Welters and Josh Duncan, all very strong and gifted performers who’s skills ranged from acrobatics, slap stick comedy, to defying gravity and or having the strength of 10 men, throw in some wicked chorography and a silly playfulness that inebriated the audience. Snaps also goes out to musical director for the killer soundtrack, a fantastic mix of gay anthems (It's raining men) to 80s nostalgic (Running up the Hill) to club floor bangers (Kardi B’s WAP). Cleverly intertwining tracks that played like a Dj with ADD but was the perfect juxtaposition, matching the performers energy perfectly.

Moist is an unforgettable evening of circus and comedy like you’ve never seen before. It’s tongue in cheek antics will leave you in awe and in awwwww from laughing until your sides hurt. Warning to those that sit in the first couple of rows, expect water to come your way or as one (not so happy) participant was asked to wring out a jock strap.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show, both my hands  (from clapping…. get your mind out of the gutter) and face (from smiling) hurt. I’m not too sure if I was cured for my hatred of the word, but what I can say is that the performance won’t just leave you moist, but dripping wet.