Infinite We Are

Rebecca Varidel
8th May 2021

Beckoning us within to reflect, then expand grow and fly, new Miriam Lieberman single Infinite We Are holds us gently yet in strength for the new era.

Both ethereal and elemental, musically we journey to the collective as the local trio weave together the infinity of possibilities, with singer songwriter Miriam Lieberman on West African kora joined by violinist Lara Goodridge & cellist Kate Adams, to introduce the most unique sound of our time. My soul is dancing in ancient groves, my heart is channeling Isadora Duncan, my body is imitating a dragon fly. Yes, it's late on a Saturday night in my Sydney studio apartment, and the sound of me ballet leaping around may possibly be disturbing the neighbours.

And while the lyrics of Infinite We Are hold deep spiritual truths and wisdom, what transcends above all is hope. Hope for everyone. Isn't that what we all need right now?

The light shines even brighter later this month when Miriam Lieberman is set to release album Just Transforming on 28 May with more of the promised land.

Infinite We Are is written and performed by Miriam Lieberman
Violins and backing vocals arranged and performed by Susie Bishop and Lara Goodridge
Produced and recorded by Josh Schuberth
Animated clip by artist Aidan Judd.