Sydney Fringe Festival: Gary Starr

Mimi Dang
4th Sep 2023

Gary Starr: Greece Lightning at Sydney Fringe Festival

Prepare to embark on an uproarious journey into the heart of Greek mythology with the one and only Gary Starr, a comic force of nature whose sheer audacity knows no bounds. In "Gary Starr: Greece Lightning," the irreverent and overzealous Starr takes it upon himself to save his Hellenic homeland from economic catastrophe by reenacting the entire Greek mythological canon.

Damien Warren-Smith, the genius behind the hilarity, brings us another comedic masterpiece following his 2018 sensation, Gary Starr Performs Everything. This time, Warren-Smith dives headfirst into the chaotic world of Greek gods, heroes, and monsters, leaving no mythical stone unturned. Medusa, Hades, and even Uranus (yes, you read that right) have never been portrayed with such audacious looseness and silliness. After all, comedy did originate from ancient Greece so expect bawdy songs and wordplay like its 5th century BCE.

The accolades bestowed upon this riotous production are well-deserved. It's no surprise that Greece Lightning scooped up Pick of the Fringe at the 2022 Adelaide Fringe, Best Comedy Weekly Award at the same event, and Best Comedy at the 2022 Manchester Fringe. Its triumphant conquest also extends to international shores, with the title of Best in Fest at the 2022 Gothenburg Fringe. These awards are a testament to the unbridled comedic genius of Damien Warren-Smith, who has once again graced the stage with his madcap talents.

As for Damien's alter ego, Garry Starr, he's a character you won’t forget. With a penchant for taking on the world's most epic stories single-handedly, Garry brings an electrifying energy and chaotic charm that keeps audiences in stitches from start to finish. It's a rollercoaster of mythic proportions, and you'll find yourself belly-laughing all the way through.

In Gary Starr: Greece Lightning, Damien Warren-Smith has not only conquered Greek mythology but also our hearts with his unique brand of humor. If you're in search of an evening filled with side-splitting laughter and relish the chance to get involved in the fun and games, look no further. Gary Starr is a stellar performer, and Greece Lightning is a testament to his unrivaled talent for storytelling and comedic artistry. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind comedic extravaganza, showing at the Sydney Fringe Festival until 30 September.

Photos by Jacinta Oaten