Cabramatta Moon Festival

Rebecca Varidel
18th Aug 2017

What? The Moon Festival is an annual celebration held on the Full Moon Autumn Equinox. But it's not autumn I hear you say. Of course that's the Northern Hemisphere timetable and we live below the equator so in Sydney, the Moon Festival rocks in for the Spring Equinox each year. 

Where? Cabramatta in Fairfield City Council where the streets will come alive with an array of colour, activity and culinary delights ending with a colourful fireworks display at 8pm. 

When? Sunday 24 September

Recognised as Sydney’s largest South East Asian cultural event, Cabramatta Moon Festival attracts more than 90,000 visitors each year. The Moon Festival celebrates the annual Moon Harvest and is observed across South East Asia during September. This is the time of the autumn equinox, when the moon is at its highest point there. It is a time that symbolises prosperity, peace and family reunion.

“Each year our communities unite to share and celebrate this rich South East Asian tradition of the Moon Festival,” Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said there of the more than 100 different cultures living in Fairfield City.

“Fairfield City has become an epicentre for positive and healthy cultural diversity. The Moon Festival is a showcase of global cultures, food and a variety of performances.”

Food plays an important role in many cultures as it unites and strengthens bonds between friends and family. Such is the case with the Moon Cake, a traditional sweet of this annual celebration, which is given as gifts signifying a long, happy life with much prosperity for the coming year. Today, you can find a variety of moon cake flavours including chocolate, ice-cream, coconut milk and green tea.

“Each year our festival stages are jam-packed with fantastic live entertainment. The festival is about celebrating world culture and the entertainment will take you to all corners of the globe”

Other festival highlights include X-Factor winner and Eurovision finalist Dami Im, My Kitchen Rules favourites David and Betty, Peppa Pig, the Minions, lion dance demonstrations, the children’s lantern parade led by the beautiful Moon Goddess, food competitions, martial arts demonstrations and performances by our talented local school groups.