Five Ways Men Can Up Their Style Game This Summer

Michael Ohannes
15th Jan 2024

Five Ways Men Can Up Their Style Game This Summer: with Michael Ohannes

Australian-Armenian Lifestyle content creator, Michael Ohannes, has amassed a following of close to 70,000 combined across his social channels and many have most notably acknowledged his unique sense of fashion captured in his day-to-day life. With half his audience on Instagram, Michael has made an impact online and worked on a number of campaigns, receiving brand deals with large Aussie apparel companies such as underwear brand Step One.

Read along to discover how you can upgrade your summer wardrobe to elevate your style especially for those exciting summer parties and overall special occasions.

Where do you shop for clothing and where would you recommend to buy affordable? any advice for men on a budget who still want to revamp their summer wardrobe?

These are the most common questions I get everywhere I go:

“Where did you buy that from? What brand is it?”

I’m a huge fan of op-shops and love to explore vintage stores especially in Newtown. You can really find some exclusive pieces that you would never discover elsewhere - and the best part is it’s totally affordable. On a side note, my mother owns a clothing store called Gulia Guchi on King Street. She’s had the store for over 10 years and I guess in a way that’s a reason why I have a natural affinity for fashion. It was always in the genes or should I say jeans :)

You honestly don't need a massive budget to upgrade your style. Look for sales and discounts at local stores or consider second-hand shops for unique finds. Focus on versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, giving you more outfit options without breaking the bank.

Are there particular brands you usually buy from?

In life, there are two types of people – those who are into designer goods they know and love and those who are interested in the style itself. While I appreciate designer clothing now and then, I value the look and feel of an outfit more than just the name stamped on it.

I feel it’s important to find your own personal style and wear clothing that compliments your look. I really believe if you dress in the way where it feels comfortable and true to your character, it really uplifts you and definitely makes you truly feel more confident.

I’m a strong believer that fashion makes up your individuality and everyone should put at least a little effort into practicing new styles. Your sense of style is a reflection of how you present yourself to the world.

What are some simple outfits you can prepare to become more presentable during the summer?

With summer it’s important to add more colour to your wardrobe and experiment with different fabrics like linen, velvet, and silk.

Also don’t forget to accessorize - accessories can elevate any outfit. For summer, consider adding some nice shades, light jewellery, a classic watch and a quality leather belt to your ensemble. Don't underestimate the secret power of scarves – you can style them in so many different ways and make your outfit pop even more. Just like anything I believe practice makes this better so try on different looks and over time you will recognize what suits you, what you’re comfortable with and what reflects your character.

What would you recommend wearing for summer parties?

I love to go all out over the holidays. It really depends if it’s at formal evening celebration, I love to wear vests and blazers and mix it up with all types of designs. If it’s a more laid back, casual and day-time party, I’d say linen striped clothing would be my go-to. In terms of colour you can never go wrong with red or white. Just don’t make sure you have red wine around if you choose the latter option.

Do you find fewer options for summer compared to winter? What materials or fabrics would you recommend for staying stylish while beating the heat?

During the winter you can layer yourself up as much as you want with coats and jackets but during the summer, you still have a variety of choices when it comes to exploring different materials of clothing. Really recommend looking into patterned designs but also how think about how you wear this which you can work around. There’s so many ways you can style a tie for instance.

In the end, comfort is key. I'd suggest opting for breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. Linen shirts and lightweight cotton chinos are excellent choices. They not only keep you cool but also exude a relaxed yet refined vibe.

Whether you're hitting the beach or attending a summer soirée, these tips from Michael are sure to keep you on-trend and comfortable throughout the summer season. For more fashion inspiration, make sure to give Michael a follow on his Instagram and to keep an eye out for our next Sydney Scoop fashion update.