Secrets Of The Universe: The Titleholder Shares Her Fit Tips

Rebecca Varidel
20th Jan 2017

What could be better than starting the year looking good in your fitness gear AND helping those in need at the same time? We ask you. And then we asked the very delightful and beautiful Laura Dundovic.

The end of 2016 saw former Miss Universe launch Vaalia’s all new vitality collaboration with Australian designers, We Are Handsome. Now they have taken the next steps with proceeds from exclusive limited edition leggings supporting community program Look Good Feel Better who help woman with cancer.

Laura Dundovic Fitness Tips and Tricks

1. Laura, what advice and tips do you have on expressing vitality through fashion, fitness and food.

For me, vitality isn’t only about keeping fit and eating well, it’s about feeling strong mentally and physically, having energy and confidence to achieve the things I want to do that day, week and even year, so I love to keep active with my friends and not just slogging it out at the gym. When it comes to food, sometimes it’s easy to forget that when you’re feeling not so good on the outside it comes down to what’s happening on the inside. I’m a fan and a believer of probiotics like those in Vaalia to maintain a healthy gut as well as my serotonin levels. Fashion is pretty easy to express your vitality too. I like to think my style is quite chic, but I have those unique pieces too which inject some colour and vibrancy into my style, like the new leggings from Vaalia and We Are Handsome. They’re so fresh, I can’t wait to throw them on and head out for a work out.

2. What are your daily fitness and healthy eating routines and secrets?

Fitness routine: I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I train with Base Body Babes which is really fun. It’s mostly strength training and mobility. I did weight training for years, but unless you’re doing it properly all the time, you get to a point where you need a little more all over body training. I love running and in the summer try to keep up with soft sand running. My fitness secret – enjoying working out! I don’t make myself do it or feel bad if I’ve been too busy to go. I simply keep active, socially too, power walking or running with friends. I’m not too hard on myself, which helps me enjoy it!

Eating: I eat as clean as I can, but with a varied diet making sure to include the different food groups and foods that are good for my gut too like probiotics. I’m a reformed chocoholic, I was obsessed with Easter eggs! I loved it. But then you feel that crash afterwards. I still treat myself, but I make the treats myself too, smoothies, homemade chocolate, sweet potato chips. I have a really big appetite. I don’t starve myself, I just eat the right foods. A little secret for me is that I start every day with a glass of lemon water, apple cider vinegar, ginger and honey, and as I said make sure to make homemade treats so I know what’s in my food.

3. The reason for the collaboration and how you can purchase them?

Vaalia are all about feeling good on the inside and the outside especially with their yoghurts containing a unique trio of probiotics that maintain gut health. They wanted to inspire woman to express their vitality, and active wear is the ultimate symbol of vitality, so who better to help them bring it to life than Australian Designers We Are Handsome known for their gorgeous active wear and swim wear designs.

We are Handsome’s Founder and Creative Director, Jeremy Somers, bought the idea of Vaalia and vitality into their design to create something fresh, floral and dynamic and the result was Babylon. Look Good Feel Better was also an obvious choice of charity for the proceeds to go towards. A community program who help woman with cancer feel empowered and more confident to tackle the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.

The leggings are RRP $129 and available from until the end of Feb or until stocks last.