Summer Care 2023

Rebecca Varidel
1st Jan 2023

After being indoors for so long, Sydney is embracing the end of the rains and the arrival of summer. But beware. Don't throw caution to the wind. Remember the Aussie motto Slip Slop Slap. Protect yourself. Nurture yourself. And most of all enjoy 2023!

Wear a Hat

Wear a hat. And make it an Aussie hat. Speaking to our unique Aussie style, hats we love include the new braided ooGee hats with UPF50+ sun protection, the Kakadu Traders Australia range, and the iconic Akubra. These choices also make sure you hat is Australian made too. Why look elsewhere?

Sunglasses for Sun Protection

Sydney, perhaps beach fashion is front of mind but it should be sun protection. Look for sunglasses that are not only pleasing to the eye, and compliment your beach wardrobe, but also offer the highest level of sun protection.

The Cancer Council sells a great range of affordable sunglasses online and at their retail shops. Cancer Council sunglasses are fitted with category 3 lenses and comply with the mandatory requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standards for sunglasses. Did you know, sunglasses tested to Australian requirements offer more UVR protection than sunglasses tested to international standards. Wearing sunglasses that meet the requirements of the Australian standard ensures that your eyes have adequate protection against UVR damage.


Wearing sunscreen regularly is an essential part of protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure. But with so many choices available these days, it’s important to understand what goes into the different types of sunscreens and how these ingredients work to protect your skin. What’s the difference between mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen?

According to the iconic Australian made Invisible Zinc® Chemical UV filters protect the skin by actively absorbing and then dissipating the energy from UV radiation. While mineral UV filters also absorb energy from UV radiation, they have the additional effect of reflecting and scattering UV radiation when it reaches the skin. Our picks are the INVISIBLE ZINC SHEER DEFENSE tinted range for daywear, and the 4 hour water resistant INVISIBLE ZINC SPORT Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+ for heavy duty Sydney summer beach and activities.

Skin Care Facial

Trialing different ranges all of 2022, our pick for your best summer skin care range is Enbacci and we love the value of the no think bundles. For 2023 try Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System Gift Pack or if you are travelling Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System Travel Companions.

Pioneering the use of stem cell technology in Australia, luxury skincare brand, Enbacci unveils the science behind their revolutionary range crediting the stem cells of a 11,700 year old plant, the Saponaria Pumila, for its firming and toning abilities.

Native to the alpine mountains during the Pleistocene period, the pink and fleshy Saponaria Pumila plant survived the last ice age by developing protective repair mechanisms to withstand extreme weather conditions. Preserved in the plant’s DNA and harnessed through stem cell extraction, the plant is scientifically proven to protect dermal skin cells from UV radiation, improve human stem cell activity, and fortify the skin’s natural defence system by improving skin barrier function, elasticity and firmness.

Body Firming Lotion

When it comes to skincare, it’s easy to forget what’s happening below the neck when we’re in pursuit of a clear and radiant complexion. However, many of the ingredients we slap on our face are actually beneficial on other areas of skin, providing an exciting new era for active bodycare.

Enbacci Body Firming Lotion is the first all-over body treatment in Australia to contain Saponaria Pumila stem cells, the Complete Body Firming Lotion by Enbacci combines a host of natural ingredients, such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and Lecithin, to energise dermal skin cell activity, improve moisture retention and re-densify sagging, tired and mature-looking skin.

According to a study conducted by PhytoCellTec, a mere 0.5% concentration of Saponaria Pumila stem cells can protect the dermis from UV irradiation by 35% and improve skin density and firmness by 14% over a 28-day period.

Enbacci Body Firming Lotion is our winner of the 2022 Sydney Scoop Beauty Product Of The Year. Whether for rejuvenation or prevention, Enbacci Body Firming Lotion really makes a difference and is totally amazing!