Tuna Glow Fishbowl

Rebecca Varidel
7th Dec 2022

Collabs, it seems are the flavour of the new PCE (post C era) and one of the best hitting our Sydney taste buds right now is the Tuna Glow Bowl.

FISHBOWL and Carla Oates from The Beauty Chef were in discussions for over a year to design this healthy and delicious dish which empower consumers to make healthier, more informed choices. We tried the generous and luscious bowl on the first day and declare it to be super tasty and perfectly sized for after work or after work out nourishment.

“At The Beauty Chef we believe that 'Beauty Begins In The Belly®' and that what you eat can have a profound impact on your skin and the way you feel. I wanted to create a nourishing, satisfying and most of all delicious bowl that would help you glow from the inside, out. The Tuna Glow bowl is full of skin-loving antioxidants, healthy fats, protein and fibre” The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates explained about the inspiration behind the Tuna Glow Bowl.

Fishbowl Group Co-Founder Nic Pestalozzi added “The Beauty Chef and Fishbowl have a natural synergy. Both brands were born in Bondi out of love and passion for the product and lifestyle that we preached. At Fishbowl we’ve been on a mission to make healthy food affordable and more appealing in order to have a larger impact. Similarly, Carla and The Beauty Chef are constantly educating and empowering consumers to make healthier, more informed choices about what they consume and why. Carla’s efforts to promote the importance of nourishing our gut microbiome, and the undeniable link between diet and how we look and feel is inspiring and so relevant for our customers.”

Raising awareness on the relationship between beauty and gut health the Tuna Glow Bowl is available now in all FISHBOWL stores. Although if all you are after is flavour without the benefits you're still choosing the right bowl!

Yellow fin tuna with avocado, kale, cucumber, chilli, coriander, radish, zesty lime dressing, shiitake mushroom and almond gomashio are loaded on the carbs of your choice, mine was soba noodles.