Andrew Nguyen
19th Jan 2024

After that lunch at Sushiki Pyrmont, I decided to venture to Akipan, a Japanese bakery that specialises in the creation of Shokupan (Japanese Milk Bread) located near Volcano’s Steakhouse in Pyrmont.

For Original Akipan's French Toast ($12), a slice of their Shokupan is left overnight soaking in a cream and egg-based mixture flavoured with Vanilla Beans before being sandwich pressed, which allows for an even cook on the surface of the French Toast. To finish the Original Akipan’s French Toast, the staff add a layer of sugar nd blowtorch the sugar fiercely, resulting in a Creme Brulee-like appearance on the surface of the
French Toast.

At the first bite, you can taste that the cooked Vanilla Bean-infused Cream and Egg-like mixture has seeped into every nook and cranny of the Original Shokupan. Hence, every bite of the French Toast is just a delight for the palate as the contrast of textures from the soft custardy parts of the French Toast to the slightly crisp bruleed surface was just amazing.

This French Toast is a menu item I would go back for at Akipan Pyrmont, as it completely trumps any French Toast l have had in the past.