Botswana Butchery Revisited

Rebecca Varidel
5th Aug 2023

Botswana Butchery Sydney at 25 Martin Place creates a deeply satisfying all round experience from perfectly crafted delicious food to professional correct yet warm service. All the boxes are ticked from sourcing great produce, to treating it well, and presenting it beautifully.

Our 2023 revisit brought a splendid dinner with menu by Executive Chef Angel Fernandez and with Sous Aleksander Fukuoka at the pass, our wines matched to each course by Sommelier Andrew Allen.

Cocktails are always the after work order to lift the mood and whet the appetite. The Botswana Butchery Murph & Myers is smart and smooth, a clever morph between a gin Gibson classic and G&T. Heaven on Earth with the pickled onion laden cocktail stretched into a longer drink. Applause to the creative, award winning Bar Manager, Ruben Beasley.

Now that we were ready to surf 'n' turf, we settled in for an optimum night of food and wine, kicking in with Sydney Rock Oysters and Caviar, with three sauces. Matey #hashtagplusone tried the dipping sauces with delight, but as the oysters were naturally so lusciously creamy and sweet, I just enjoyed them as they were with their perfect match of Mumm.

Each course that we stepped through in the swanky Level 2 Botswana Butchery dining room exceeded expectations, left us both swooning in delicious delight with palate perfection.

Supreme recommendations for the contemporary classic food which is crafted with its own Botswana Butchery signature. We really can not reiterate enough that this was perfectly executed food, keeping the quality ingredients as the heroes, cooked with both solid technique and finesse, plated with tiny turns to make the dishes utterly modern.

Snapper ceviche, Aji amarillo tiger's milk is the ultimate example from the Raw Bar with its two textures of sweet potatoes, and perfectly charred Andean corn. The use of snapper is noteable, a preferable flavoursome white fish over that usual ubiquitious Sydney ceviche or raw fish choice.

The next dish Caramelised free range pork, flash-grilled Hawksbury calamari, harissa, spiced pear, black garlic from the starters was at $33 the most wonderful dish that I've had this year. Contrasts of textures, the crispiest outside to the pork belly, revealing the softest most unctuous flesh, and similarly with the tender soft calamari and the contrast of its char create with its accoutrements the totality of a dish much bigger than the individual well honed components. Tremendous plate. Tremendous!

While we didn't eat from the extensive steak choices, our Main of Dry aged Aylesbury duck breast, confit leg, braised witlof, preserved baby figs, spiced duck jus was as scrumptiously traditional as it comes. What is it they say about drawing a perfect circle. Simple to look at perhaps, this crisp skinned duck was as good as it gets. And then we topped it off with the stickiest juciest ribs, and another classic for dessert, Tarte Tartin. No room in the belly but I'd double up again, no problem. And would go back today, tomorrow, and the next day for the Pork and calamari slice of Heaven.

Everything was so delicious, just the right pops of textures and twists, as well as all those 'little' things in correct and professional service, sprinkled with a side of warm friendly hospitality that add up to the glorious grand golden package.

Not to mention incredible wines, well matched.

Having eaten at many of the best French restaurants in the world, excellent food, excellent wine pairing, excellent service, it is no exaggeration to my claim that Botswana Butchery Sydney is indeed world class.