Brick Burger Pop Up

Jackie McMillan
11th Sep 2023

We were late for our Brick Burger pop-up experience because nobody at World Square could tell us exactly where it was located. By the time we’d worked out (with no visible signage) that the two-hour session ($47/person) takes place in Karen’s Diner, I was pretty much ready to demand to speak to a manager myself. What we walked into was a brightly coloured industrious room of people engaged with building their dream home, digging into poorly-designed containers of bricks. I say poorly designed because every time you rummaged in them, bricks poured onto the floor. I say bricks, because not all of the pieces they contained were genuine LEGO (and thus didn’t fit the supplied boards). This Hidden Sydney experience isn’t in any way associated with the famous brand that it draws its inspiration from. 

So what your ticket price buys is a hosted event with brick-centred activities—builds, quizzes and prizes—a pair of vaguely brick-shaped sliders with beef, fried chicken or beetroot patties, heavily-salted french fries and a soft drink. In what was meant to be an adults-only 7.30pm session, it was all a bit build “rainbows” and “flowers”. Suffice to say, my date-appropriate 9/11 interpretation of “aircraft” didn’t go down well. My dining companion’s “YES” for his dream home being a country where First Nation people have a voice enshrined in the constitution seemed to also fly over their heads. Spicy Brick ($19/each) margaritas helped, though Corona ($9/each) chasers were sadly unavailable. It’s probably one for brick-obsessives and those with children into the same. Dates remain for Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October. Brush up on your brick-related trivia on the way...