Smokin' Al's BBQ

Rebecca Varidel
27th Aug 2023

Smokin' Al's BBQ faces Rockdale Station. At the front of the shop is a generous wooden table and benches, with napkins in a dispenser, so the punters can eat in.

Smokin' Al's BBQ however is ostensibly a take out joint serving traditional Texas style BBQ - best burgers (Halal house-ground), best hot dogs with house made frankfurters, and smoked meats "slow cooked cooked and smoked to perfection". It's one of the up and coming successes via foodie followers on socials, that travel the distance in Sydney to sample their delish wares. We should know, we found 'em on insta + came in search of a tasty adventure. Which we got inside soft milk bun in stacks.

While there is a namesake Smokin' Al's burger (180g Angus beef patty, with American cheese, beef rasher, caramilised onion, chipotle mayonnaise, Smokin' Al's BBQ sauce on a milk bun - $25 boxed with stacks of fries), we test loaded on:

Mi Goreng Burger ($25)

150g fried chicken breast, Mi Goreng noodles, American cheese, Kecap Manis mayo, hot sauce and an egg on a milk bun.

Best fast food I can remember, if like me your go to late night home snack is Mi Goreng, you have to have at least one of these combos to make your life complete. Yes. Best.

Aussie Burger ($20)

180g Angus beef patty, American cheese, smoked beetroot, tomato, lettuce, caramalised onion, and tomato sauce on a milk bun.

Because whatever the debate says (David Chang you lost me on this one) we gotta have beetroot on our burgers. Oi. Oi. Oi. With terrific seasoning and cooked with heart, this was a (not quite) trad old skool best version of growing up in Sydney. Nostalgia kicked in.

Chicken and Waffles the Smokin' Al's Way ($25)

Crispy fried chicken is sandwiched between two waffles (in place of the bun) and finished with beef rashers, pickles, cheese sauce, and a serve yourself side of maple syrup. You won me (as if you hadn't already) with this.

GBU (the good, the bad and the ugly) ($16)

House made dog with BBQ beans, cheese sauce and fermented chilli sauce was the bomb. That dog - was pale without colourings, lightly smoked, and a best version frankfurter. Would highly recommend any of the dogs if that's what you're hankering.

Everything at Smokin' Al's BBQ was perfectly seasoned - hooray! And beautifully cooked to perfection. The buns were warmed. Everything came with fries included. We added a large tub of coleslaw when we found out that beautiful smiling cook Suad Kadim makes that inhouse. She won us over. She loves to cook, she told me. She loves to cook at Smokin' Al's BBQ, and at home. We'll be back, for sure.