Brooklyn Crispy

Rebecca Varidel
15th Dec 2020

This restaurant is now permanently closed.

Coffee cola beef and potato salad! American diner heaven? Try them all together on one Sydney pizza.

Brooklyn Crispy (aka sex on pizza trays) is the latest pizza revolution to land smack bang in one of the top eating areas of Sydney. It's grabbed a prime Potts Point location that spills into the generous outdoor spaces of leafy 2 Springfield Avenue. Already some of the Brooklyn Crispy stripy bold outdoor area has been established, but it's early days and this bespoke seating will be soon extend further into the lower courtyard. The summer must of umbrellas is soon to come.

Just opened a day or two, new Brooklyn Crispy has already joined the ranks of Sydney's best pizzas, via (as the name suggests) innovative American influenced pizzas. Thin and crispy? Yeup you've got it. Tick no. 1. Even more titillating are the new wave toppings. Everything coming out of the busy kitchen in week one looks terrific. Gotta love the Caffeinated Cow with the coffee cola brisket on the pizza. I'm excited when unexpected pops of first sweetness then tangy stickiness tickle me. The pizza topping also has grilled butter corn and creamy potato salad, with smoky BBQ sauce. It's my first time for potato salad on a pizza, and for this variety it's a fabulous edition both visually and for taste, as an on top instead of a side for the BBQ.

A top tip for the traditional way of eating Brooklyn pizza: the Brooklyn technique is to fold the triangle and eat with your fingers. Brooklyn pizza is traditionally a thin and crispy yeast base, not the cracker type served by Dominoes. The crust here is as good as it gets. The fork however is a required utensil for the potato salad on Caffeinated Cow, though I'm sure it could be fun to fold it into the pizza slice if you can. No utensils are required for the other choice of toppings though: Yes It Says Pineapple Get Over It, as example. So have fun, play with your food just like your mother told you not to do.

Loved the black anodised metal fork by the way. Works alongside all the cool design features, booths, bar stools, photography. Slick and modern, yet warm and inviting, finds the American diner fit yet with a local Aussie feel. Total love. Big glass doors in the centre are welcoming and open up to let you in. Or let you see out. Top marks for the courtyard extension, with bespoke cushions to exactly fit the brickwork and the best gorgeous tree top tables. More love. Maybe it's stronger? maybe it's lust.

Like a good lust sesh, you don't have to just jump straight into it. On arrival there is a tasty welcome with a complimentary dip. Black Garlic Aioli is luscious, and served with house made pretzel sticks, they are beckoning for you to taste more. Need more warming up, then there is a whole section of the menu for the choosing. Or you could stop after that you tease. These make great bar snacks if that's all you want. Brooklyn Crispy is all about pleasing you. 

FYI Biscuits and Gravy is a warm up, a starter or a side or versatile at any angle. FYI American biscuits are kind of like our Aussie scones. FYI slider size hot dogs sound like they'd go great with booze - must try. And remember to drink responsibly. 

Passion a plenty, just don't make Brooklyn Crispy a one night stand. There's a whole menu to work your way through. Then put on repeat. Drink the cocktails. Drink the craft beer. Oh and then wow, there are still all these other tasty things beyond pizza to experiment with. Brooky Clams are yes clams. Onions and watercress added. French Revolution is enticing me back. White anchovy, onion, green olive and raclette - subtitle: how to spoil a girl with four ingredients. 

Vegan Fun Guy is sorted with mushrooms, pickled chilli and garlic (but I don't want to kiss that - the chilli and garlic I mean). He (or however they identify) has more vegan choices. Doggies too. Everything is permissible. Fur babies get not just a food menu, dog vino (bone broth) is on the menu.

All that - and you still want to change position? Gossip has it that the titillating will extend to local Kings Cross Darlinghurst Road basement bar Dulcie's where Brooklyn Crispy pizzas will also be available soon too.