Fika Swedish Kitchen

Angharad Rees
24th Jul 2016

The much awaited arrival of the TV hit series, Vikings, is set to return to the screens any day, which makes us all want to raise a glass and roar Skål. If the Nordic hit makes you want to live everything Scandinavian and feast like King Ragnar – we’ve found the perfect place to go. Fika, Manly’s much-loved Swedish Kitchen has everything you need to satisfy your hunger and praise the Gods for their delicious offerings. And we don’t need a prophecy to know you’ll love it, but in case you do, we’ve listed several reasons to get yourself to Fika today.

The Menu & Special Lunch Deals

Hail! the invention of Swedish Meatballs, truly a gift from the Gods. An institution both in Sweden and in Fika’s kitchen, which never fails to put a smile in your stomach. But there’s more; Fika’s menu boasts a whole array of traditional offerings from breakfast, lunch and through to their scrumptious desserts and pastries – celebrating homemade Swedish offerings made in-house. And the best thing is that you don’t have to make a huge financial sacrificial offering! The food is reasonably priced, especially for the quality of your feasting, before we even mention Fika’s daily $10 lunch deal!

Skul or Cheers to Quenching your Thirst

Fika not only serves delicious coffee, but a whole selection of teas with Scandinavian flavours and blends such as the Stockholm South (my personal favourite) and Nordic Forest. They are served in quite possibly the most enormous mugs I have ever seen that can’t help but make you feel all warm and comforted. Being a self confessed chocoholic, I can swear to the Nordic Gods that Fika offers the best Hot Chocolate you’ll find in Manly (and I personally think, the world, which is praise indeed). And there is the added bonus of Fika’s ‘Name Day’ tradition – if it’s your Name Day, you get a free coffee. Now I’d drink to that with a glass of their imported Swedish beer, Mariestad. Skål!

The Venue and Fika Philosophy

You won’t actually find Ragnar and his fellow Vikings in Fika, but what you will find instead is team of dedicated and friendly staff who create a warm and relaxed atmosphere within their Swedish designed cafe. A sunny and light environment welcomes you with touches of Swedish traditions ‘bringing the spirit of Scandinavian culture to the heart of Manly'. The café embraces its name Fika, which translates to taking some time for coffee and a bite to eat. But the friendly and dynamic team takes the tradition a step further, embracing a local custom of spending time catching up with friends and family by sharing: they say ‘our kitchen is your kitchen, so make yourself at home.’ Why, tack you!

So get yourself down to Fika Swedish Kitchen in Manly and get yourself in the mood for Nordic delights, both on the screen and on your plate…

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5b Market Lane
+61 2 9976 5099

Sun – Mon 7am – 5pm