Flavours of the Philippines, a Food Festival

Rebecca Varidel
7th Jul 2016

With a population of over 99 million people stemming from 120 different ethnic groups, the Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands and has a colourful history. With an abundance of cultural influences, this archipelago has formed a rich culinary identity. Blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and a distinct use of naturally sour and salty flavours, Filipino food is a subtle mix of its Asian neighbours as well as featuring influences from its early Spanish colonisation.

Each year the Grace Hotel in Sydney holds the wonderful annual Filipino food festival and in 2016 is celebrating its 10th year.

Flavours of the Philippines Food Festival will serve an array of exotic, succulent, spicy and aromatic dishes over the two week Food Festival. Lunch and dinner will be served buffet style in the historic Grace Brasserie from July 28th to August 13th.

Some of the food that will be served includes:

Sinigang (Pork, Beef, Shrimp), Batchoy, Monggo Soup with Chicharon, Tinapa Flakes, Olive Oil and Vinegar

SALAD BAR                
Mixed Greens, tomatoes, cucumber, jicama, carrots, salted red egg, Corn kernels, fried shallots, ensaladang talong, burong manga, Tokwa’t Baboy

Honey and Calamansi, Vinegar and Oil, Adobo Creamy Garlic, Coriander Citrus

MAIN ENTRÉE            
PORK – Lechon Kawali, Estofado, Embotido                                 
BEEF – Bistek Tagalog, Beef Caldereta,  Lamb Caldereta
CHICKEN – Adobo Sa Gata, Inasal
FISH – Paksiw, Ginataang Hipon, Tortang Alimango (Crabmeat)
NOODLES - Pancit Canton, Sotanghon, Palabok

RICE - Steamed, Adobo Rice, Bagoong Rice, Tinapa Rice

Roast Beef Adobo, Adobo Jus – Atchara, Tomato Coriander Salsa
Roast Lamb Tagalog – Soy-Calamansi, Onion Marmalade
Roast Porkloin – Stewed Dried Fruits, Red Wine Reduction

Halo Halo Bar with Ice Cream
Coconut Panna Cotta with Tapioca and Muscovado syrup
Leche Flan with Macapuno
Maja Blanca
Fresh Fruits in Season

This year, top chefs from the Philippines will be flown to Sydney especially for the food festival. Renowned chefs Segismundo Myrna Dizon, Ramos Raul Hitusis (pictured), Sandique Gilda Fran, San Diego Marie Angeli Benedicto and Catamin Jr. Mariano Casiple will be in attendance and in-house at The Grace to ensure a food event like no other.

Our Sydney Scoop team is really excited by this culinary adventure and plan on really hitting up that buffet. And probably going back for seconds and thirds. Maybe we'll see you there?