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Anzac Parade, Kingsford

Anzac Parade runs like an artery through Sydney, from Oxford Street to La Perouse and is one of the most multicultural culinary streetscapes in Sydney. If you feel like your culinary vocabulary is limited to just a few cuisines, it might be time to expand your food horizons on the Kingsford stretch Anzac Parade and try something new.

Looking at a menu in a restaurant you don’t know, in a cuisine you haven’t really delved into is a daunting task. Not knowing certain words on the menu or having the reassurance that you will like the dish can limit you to your sticking to your usual.

As dinner-time arrives tonight, consider trying one of these flavour-filled dumplings, try Malaysia’s national dish or simply get the best Thai in town. Check out this must-try list of multicultural restaurants on Anzac Parade, written and tested by Kingsford locals.

Words and photos by Leanora Collett.

  • It's Time for Thai

    2/309 Anzac Parade

    When you arrive for dinner, the restaurant will be packed with the queue written on a whiteboard at the door. As soon as you walk in the aromas of Thai spices fill the air, teasing you for before your tasty curry or stir-fry arrives. Tables line the right wall with the bustling kitchen on the other and decorative lights in between. For the volume of people this restaurant serves each night, the service is reasonable but not stand out. The key to a great evening here is knowing what to order, so here are our recommendations.

    What to order:

    Massaman Curry served with rice or Roti (flat pastry-like bread), a mild coconut based curry infused with Thai spices, root vegetables and tender beef

    Pad See Eiw, stir-fried thick rice noodles in a black sweet soya sauce with fried egg, broccoli and bean spouts.

  • Chinese Dumpling and Noodle House

    323 Anzac Parade

    Everything you want in a dumpling house is here: quick service, low prices and some tasty Chinese food! From the outside this doesn’t look like a restaurant recommended by Kylie Wong but this no-frills restaurant’s packs a punch in flavour.

    What to order:

    Duck or Shallot Pancakes, the spring onion or duck fillings are sweet and fantastic complimentary dish for the dumplings.

    Steamed Northern Style Dumplings, a filling of pork and vegetables in a boiled pastry case.

    Locals also give honourable mentions for the Lemon grass chicken and Sauteed lamb with cumin.

  • Mamma Teresas

    412 Anzac Parade

    Mamma's, as its known amongst locals, is an excellent Italian Restaurant that hones in on Italy’s best flavours and textures to bring you Italy with an Aussie twist. The interior is simple and sophisticated and lends itself to a night amongst friends, date night or out for a great pizza.

    What to order:

    Andrea Special, shaved parama prosciutto, rocket and parmesan

    Siena, roasted butter nut pumpkin, fetta, caramelised onion, rosemary, rocket

    Gluten Free, the Mamma Teresas' gluten-free base is tried and tested delicious.

    BYO: wine only
  • Niji Sushi

    333 Anzac Parade

    The menu at Niji Sushi is inspired by traditional Japanese Izakaya dishes and infused with Western ingredients to cater to modern tastes. You will have the option of seating at the sushi-train counter, table seating and banquet seating. The sushi will always be the star in this restaurant but there are many soups and pan-fried meats on offer.

    What to order:

    Seared Salmon Sashimi, a generous serving of fresh salmon with a slightly crispy skin.

    Tiger sushi roll, tempura prawn, cucumber, avocado, spicy crunch, chilli mayo

    Duck skin roll, roasted duck, cucumber, coriander with onion, sweet plum sauce

  • Sinma Laksa House

    391 Anzac Parade

    You should also consider Malaysian food, a cuisine that prides itself in serving everything with chilli, coconuts or roti. Many falter at the idea of trying spices out of their comfort range, rest assured that Sinma has all the right dishes and flavours. Some of our Malaysian locals find some of Sinma’s dishes spicy enough to knock your socks off!

    What to order:

    Char Kuew Teow, flat rice noodles with dark soy sauce, prawns and bean sprouts

    Nasi Lemak, a generous serving of coconut rice sits in the middle, surrounded by peanuts, fried anchovies, curry or fried chicken and sambal (prawn chilli paste)

    Laksa, rice vermicelli (rice noodles) and egg noodles in a coconut milk broth with sambal (prawn chilli paste) and coriander. Laksa is often served with chicken or seafood

    Roti, a flat pastry-like bread served with 3 or more types of curry: dahl, fish curry and curry chicken/sambal