Just Desserts

Rob Stein
4th Mar 2015

Dessert is a dish best served any time and any day (or any night for that matter). So, that's just what you can do tonight at Merivale’s Establishment - eat dessert, lots of 'em. Part of the ever popular March into Merivale, Just Desserts is exactly that. A celebration of all things sweet, Establishment hosts Mr Wong, est., Lorraine’s Patisserie, Bistrode CBD, Ms.G's, and Functions & Events at Merivale.

We caught up with Richard Purdue, Executive Chef for Merivale Functions & Events to get his thoughts on our favourite course.

Q. Run me through your perfect dessert. Are you pretty vanilla (excuse the pun) when it comes to desert, or would you go for some epic creation?

A. It has to be perfectly formed and simple in appearance; perfect is more difficult with simple; there’s nowhere to hide.

Q. Sydney is a bit of a battleground for gelato at the moment who really has the best?

A. Fratelli Fresh, made in house from Gelatoria product.

Q. What makes this event special? Have you just taken the best sweets from your menus, or have you created some just for the event?

A. This event is unique as it celebrates the dessert course, and nothing else. On top of that the guests are able to sample a wide range of styles, from Modern Asian through British through to the cutting edge techniques employed by Peter Doyle and his staff. Merivale is about each outlet being the best it can be, while retaining its own personality. You will see lots of personalities at this event.

Q. What are your top three desserts on the menu, and why?

A. Mr Wong’s fried ice cream – takes an awful suburban Chinese restaurant dish and makes it delicious, with a cheeky grin; Meeting and Events’ Oreo Dessert – this is as much fun to watch being built as it is to eat, and once again surprises the guest with its familiarity; Jane’s Honey Tart from Bistrode – again a modern take on a classic, and who can refuse peanut butter ice cream??

Just Desserts is on tonight from 5:30pm at Establisment – 252 George street, Sydney.

Tickets available at http://marchintomerivale.com.au/event/mim-showcase-just-desserts

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