NEW Lima Bar + Cevicheria

Rebecca Varidel
3rd Feb 2024

Stepping out of the surf at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach it was always de rigueur to replenish the body and the soul with fish. Fish 'n' chips is the long-time Aussie favourite after-sun-and-sand nourishment. More recently Bondi Beach upgraded its fish flavours with sushi and sashimi eateries, side by side along the Campbell Parade tourist strip. Now, new to Bondi Lima Bar & Cevicheria just around the corner in O'Brien Street bumps the feeds for Sydney's fish fanciers up another colourful notch.

What is ceviche? Ceviche is a recipe that takes sashimi grade raw fish and 'cures' or 'cooks' it in citrus juices. Peruvian ceviche is unique and different to the ceviche of other cultures. Some claim it dates back to an Indigenous Peruvian technique for preserving the excesses of the catch.

Lima chef and co-owner Hèctor Chunga explains that in Peru, ceviche has regional distinctions and he wants to offer those, and other traditional regional Peruvian dishes, to Australians - but in his own contemporary style. His vision is even tattoed as a map on his arm.

Here in Bondi the opening of new Lima Bar & Cevicheria is exciting as it gives Sydney new flavour-full sophisticated yet casual eating options beyond the ubiquitous raw kingfish that has infiltrated our restaurant and cafe dining psyche. Enough already! Please!

Try Bonito. Or Snapper. Just some of the fleshy fish options to explore at Lima instead. These plates pop with vibrancy. And traditional Peruvian ingredients such as both soft and hard corn, make the mouth pop too with happy textural contrasts.

And did we mention there are cocktails?