Live Lobster @ Manta Restaurant

Rebecca Varidel
17th Sep 2023

Manta Restaurant is a Woolloomooloo institution. Perched on the heritage listed Finger Wharf with a view of the boat moorings, Manta is a marvellous place to sit at any time of year, with those sparkling water views really coming into their own now as the weather gets warmer.

As a specialist waterfront seafood restaurant, there is no better place in Sydney to go for lobster. And right now to welcome in spring, there is a lobster special for lunch or dinner at Manta Restaurant available until the end of October. The whole grilled Port Stephen Rock Lobster is a double win because its local and live. Our friendly career waiter brought it out live to show us before the kitchen did their business.

Because the live lobster comes from a sister company, Manta Restaurant can offer it at an unbeatable deal for only $175 per Kg.

Its served with a choice of sauce (we chose Prawn XO) or as Lobster Pasta, Mafalda pasta, ginger, chilli & dashi. And we are coming back to try the pasta while the offer is still on.

On our long Friday lunch, we whiled away the hours starting with classic martinis, accompanying our lobster with a very special Grenache rose from the super special Manta wine list, and finished our classic Sydney 'getaway' with another classic, Raspberry souffle with dessert wine.

It reminds me of those warm sunny days of skipping school to go to the beach. But the grown up version. A Friday early mark leaving work for a self appointed long weekend was a guilty pleasure that never tasted so good.