New Shanghai Cocktails Westfield

Rebecca Varidel
13th Jun 2016

Many of us know and love New Shanghai for its shared bamboo baskets of traditional Shanghai dumplings and buns. Part of the attraction at New Shanghai is watching the dumpling making live. It's a favourite place to gather with friends and catch up on gossip while having a snack. Now there is even more reason to love New Shanghai. You can have a gorgeous cocktail or two with the chit chat.

Renowned Sydney mixologist and artisan soda craftsman Michael Chiem (PS40) has created a special limited edition Shanghainese cocktail menu as consultant to the New Shanghai Sydney locations.

We moseyed along to the CBD Westfield to stretch our way through tasting all seven of the cocktails (well someone has to do it). His cocktail list starts with two lighter refreshing concoctions at only $15 each, and some heftier characters for only a buck more.

Aloe Goodbye ($15) mixes sherry with what? If you're any good with guessing and you know about the new hot ingredient in town, you might have guessed the key ingredient is aloe vera. Yes, you can eat and drink it. With lime and cucumber Chiem makes this into a spritz.

Yuzu As We Do ($15) is more than a play on words. The citrus tang of Asian Yuzu comes tippling through the use of yuzu sake. In another spritz, Chiem adds white rose tea and anise to tickle your appetite.

#10 ($16) bursts forward with with a smoky Islay update and pimento bitters with the Scotch. The Chinese round up comes from the addition of Szechuan date syrup and Szechuan pepper for extra lift. One of our top picks of this cocktail list. Smokin'!

Southern Air ($16) is a silky smooth twist on the classic Aviation. To the gin and the Yvette syrup, Chiem blends lemongrass and lemon. Yet a soft dominance comes from the guest celebrity. In this drink the diva is Gelato Messina coconut & pandan sorbet.

Shanghai Sour ($16) is indeed suitably comforting for the forthcoming winter weather: Cognac, plum wine, lemon juice sugar. Chiem has the grounding to take another classic and make it his Shanghai own. Our stunning top pick.

Srira-shu ($15) we're not so sure about this one but it works if you like chilli. If you already know and love Sriracha hot sauce perhaps this one's for you. The surprise with the sauce is not just the plum wine but rockmelon. Even as a less than chilli loving lass I concede this has potential.

Terracotta Warrior ($16) finishes the boozy part of the list but it's a super drink to start on. Another soda specialty from the soda specialist, Chiem adds a tamarind shrub to tequila, ginger and lime. My top pick if you're after more than one yet you want to sit on the same cocktails throughout the night.

And if you really have had enough to drink, or you had too much last night, the list offers three creative mocktails at $8.50 each.

While there's lots of utilitarian tables-and-chairs seating in the Westfield basement location, pop your head around the corner and perch your toosh on a stool at the bar. Perching is much more fun for drinking cocktails!