Two Good Co

Rebecca Varidel
26th Mar 2016

Here's a story that deeply touches our hearts. And we want to encourage you to support this important cause.

Order you lunch or brekkie online from Two Good Co to support women in domestic violence shelters.

There are a few reasons it is very personal to me. Just a few weeks ago I saw a woman head down begging on Pitt Street Mall. Her sign said she had suffered in domestic violence. The following week, I saw the same woman at night, still without a bed but visibly much more distressed, and shaking. I understand. I too have been traumatised by the incredible disabling physical and emotional abuse of serious domestic violence. I didn't need a shelter and have thankfully moved on but the healing continues. Some are not as fortunate. They need our help. Words can not describe what it is like to have to start your life again. Although this letter helps to get some of it across to the thankful many who haven't been there.


Why I Love Two Good

The day I entered a refuge was the best and worst day of my life. There was a sense of relief that for the first time in a long time I wasn't alone. I had a team of people whose job it was to help me rebuild my life and keep me safe, for this I will always hold a deep respect and gratitude for what they did for me and do for so many others. Their focus is and needs to be on the necessities, housing, AVO's, new bank accounts, building a life from the ground up is hard work and time consuming.

When people think of domestic violence they think about the abuse I suffered but rarely what was missing- love, affection and care. The day I arrived at the refuge I was handed some basics, shampoo, conditioner, soap. I was grateful to receive them as I had arrived without my own toiletries. The thing that touched my heart about it was they were wrapped in cellophane with a pretty purple bow. This small act of kindness was so pivotal in my healing.

I still find it hard to tell this story without becoming emotional, which is why I love Two Good so much. It may seem like a small thing to do to provide a beautiful organic lunch in a jar. But trust me as someone who's been there, receiving a Two Good jar could be the small act that makes the big difference to someone who's lost everything. Small things count, they counted for me.

This is why I am a passionate supporter of Two Good!

Lisa McAdams

Two Good Co is a buy-one, give-one food company based in Rushcutters Bay that serves organic, wholesome meals that are good for you and good for the community. Each Two Good Lunch sold to the general public allows Two Good Co to give the same meal to a woman in a domestic violence shelter or soup kitchen in Sydney, including St Canice's Kitchen and The Wayside Chapel.

Each Tuesday, Two Good offers three choices of organic meals – salads in the warmer months and soups in the cooler months – on sale in Sydney CBD.

The growing Sydney-based social enterprise collaborates with some of Australia’s best chefs who provide bespoke recipes using fresh, organic ingredients. Supporting chefs and food personalities include Kylie Kwong, Neil Perry, Matt Moran, Martin Benn, Greg Doyle, Jonathan Barthelmess, Mitch Orr, Sarah Wilson and Peter Gilmore.

Two Good Co was launched in Sydney by co-founders Rob Caslick and Cahill Flaherty in June 2015, after Rob founded the Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen (IOOSK) at St. Canice Kitchen at Rushcutters Bay. IOOSK is Australia’s first organic soup kitchen and employs women from the domestic violence shelters it serves to assist with meal preparation.

Orders must be placed by Friday and meals are $12 each plus delivery. To place an order and find out more, visit

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Supported by Sydney Chefs, one of those supporters Kylie Kwong says "Billy Kwong’s is all about community, collaboration and celebration and I think it’s wonderful to have a recipe I created at Billy Kwong’s being served to 10 shelters – three within several hundred metres of the restaurant – as well as providing employment for women who need a pathway out of homelessness. Rob Caslick is our local community angel and I am so inspired by his deeply compassionate initiative, which is of great and long lasting benefit to so many.”

About Rob Caslick

Social entrepreneur, Rob Caslick is the co-founder of buy-one, give-one food company Two Good Co, that serves organic, restaurant quality meals that are good for you and good for the community.

An engineer with a social conscious, Rob believes in growing food with respect and serving it with love. With this in mind he established Australia’s first organic soup kitchen, Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen (IOOSK) at St. Canice’s Kitchen at Rushcutters Bay to serve free, nourishing and organic meals to people in need. He later raised $50,000 to build a rooftop garden on site.

In June 2015, propelled by a desire to scale IOOSK in a sustainable way, Rob expanded the operation to launch Two Good Co, a lunch service delivering organic salads and soups in Sydney CBD. Each Two Good Salad or Two Good Soup sold allows the company to give the same meal to someone in a domestic violence shelter or soup kitchen in Sydney.

Two Good Co is now serving all domestic violence shelters in Sydney metropolitan and is planning further expansion in 2016.

Two Good Co collaborate with some of Australia’s best chefs who provide bespoke recipes. Supporting chefs and food personalities include Neil Perry, Martin Benn, Peter Gilmore, Kylie Kwong, Greg Doyle, Mitch Orr, Jonathan Barthelmess and Sarah Wilson.

The growing social enterprise also employs women from the domestic violence shelters it serves to assist with meal preparation.

Rob also established the GROW horticultural therapy program at St Canice’s Rooftop Garden in cooperation with St. Vincent’s Hospital, as well as a cooking program to teach young mothers in women’s refuges the many benefits of cooking nutritious and delicious meals.

Rob was named winner of The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2016 Food for Good Award in recognition of his contribution to the community.

When he isn’t in the kitchen preparing salads or working in the garden, Rob is a mechanical engineer in Sydney.