Wine Down Platters @

Rebecca Varidel
14th Apr 2023

Had a hard day? Or just don't feel like cooking? One of our favourite Sydney restaurants has got your after-work weeknights wind down sorted - with Wine Down!

The Barangoo waterside restaurant is serving up the most delicious weekday seafood platters for 2 straight after work, from 5pm to 6.30pm each working day with your choice of a hot platter or chilled - for just $100. With a bonus complimentary bottle of Atlas wine to accompany. What more can you want after work? How about knowing the provenance of your seafood and fish, and knowing it's local!

Barangaroo bonus: watching the sun go down as the day draws to a close.

Launched this week our writers Kate and Rebecca (me) adored the mix of hot platter dishes at our Sydney Scoop girls' night out catch up. One of the things I noticed was that every dish was so perfectly crafted and also carefully presented. The combination of seafood platter dishes makes it perfectly balanced, a splendid early dinner.

My favourite the octopus with roasted chickpea and tahini sat on top of a duo of delicious yet contrasting sauces. Pallidus octopus is a local Oceania species. It was oh so full of flavour, and so very tender. Big call but I'd claim the best chargrilled octopus I've had. You could taste the grill, but only slightly, leaving the really tender Tasmanian octopus the dominant flavour. You also couldn't ask for anything better than the salt + pepper local calamari. Note the word local. We can't stress this enough if you are a thinking bon vivant. The potato fish cakes were lusciously moist inside, crisply crumbed outside and the panko crumbed salmon potatoes sat atop of scrumptious sauce all of their own. And what's a platter without fish'n'chips. These pieces were perfectly battered, light and crisp, leaving the King dory the hero. Chips were moreish too. In case you were wondering, we didn't leave even a morsel it was all so supremely delicious. Sated, perfectly sated - that's the word.

Yet even if you haven't had a hard day at work, your evening will be all the better for this seafood remedy. As constant Sydney theatre and music gig goers, we reckon the time slot is also perfect for that tween time which we often have to fill.

Beyond the seafood platter specials, the a la carte menu details of the deliciousness with its provenance. Important to know, in a world that is thankfully more environmentally aware. Take, for example, Mooloolaba albacore tuna crudo, chilli + lime + lemongrass, in a betel leaf. Fantastic finger food.

Scallop carpaccio with ponzu, sea blite and desert lime is as good a dish as you'd want to eat anywhere. This fabulous plate incited ew's and ah's from these girls. It's a must try.

Our Sydney Scoop team has been huge fans of since the earliest Rozelle days of the restaurant, even before we launched this magazine, impressed by not only the exquisite craftmanship in cooking but also the commitment of to the provenance and quality of Australian seafood. In return we are committed to supporting local small business such as this husband and wife owned and operated restaurant. Thank you Michael and Michelle and your marvellous team. The service at is as impressive as the food, casual friendly yet always professional. Is it corny if we say we love Because we do!