ZHU Canton: The New Kid On The Block

Michelle Ng
30th Aug 2016

The Randwick Club launches a sparkling brand new eatery focusing on the exotic delights of Chinese cuisine. Tucked away in the middle of a little quiet neighborhood just off the coast near the Southern Beaches, ZHU Canton gives their own little spin to yumcha.

With plenty of seating options, including a little balcony off the side for a breath of fresh air with a city view, the place gave off a more sophisticated atmosphere then most yum cha places in the city.  The night started off early, and we were offered drinks the moment we stepped into the restaurant. I especially loved how they offered Tsingtao beer along with the other standard choices. Tsingtao beer hails from Qingdao, and goes down slightly smoother than your standard run of the mill beer because of the additional ingredient of rice.

Slowly, the dishes that I’ve been waiting for appeared. Old-time favourites like Siu Mai, Har Gao and spring rolls did not let down. They even had a version of the Peking Duck, but instead of steaming it and putting it in the oven, ZHU Canton chose to stir-fry the duck with the plum sauce. It might not have been conventional, but I had to admit that it tasted great. The salt and pepper prawns contained a slight hint of chili spice, which gave it a nice kick. However the fried fish had a coating which was slightly too salty. Their baked barbecued pork pastries were my top pick of the night, with enough butter on the pastry that kept it all nice and crumbly.

One thing that I found a tad annoying was the lack of condiments available. It might have been because the waiters were all so busy, but it was hard enough to locate some soya sauce for my dumplings, and near impossible to get some chilli. For those planning a trip here, I would recommend some soya sauce and chilli – it would add more dimensions of flavour to the dishes.

Desserts came in the form of mango pancakes, pineapple buns and almond cookies. While I would have preferred the more traditional offerings like custard buns and egg tarts, the desserts were a sweet finish. Their mango pancakes were my favourite – not filled with too much cream, and not overbearingly sweet either.

The festive atmosphere improved with a visit from a Lion Dance troupe. A tradition that blesses a new business with luck, guests enjoyed a Chinese cultural show to complete their yum cha experience.