Cafe Freda's

Rebecca Varidel
14th Aug 2023

Cafe Freda's is the almost grown up evolution of late night underground bar Freda's. And now that it's out in the open at prominent Darlinghurst position Taylor Square, Cafe Freda's has not only brought 'too hip to be square' into view but has begun the revival of the once trendy Oxford Street area.

More bar than cafe, this Freda's incarnation sees DJs Dave Abram and partner Carla Uriarte offer all the cool components that made the original what is was, minus the dance floor.

Still though this place is now more accessible to the public nothing is actually mainstream here. Check out who's seated at the tables. Or who is coming at you on the floor. Happy hour has popular $10 hits, Negronis or Aperol Spritz - pumped out efficiently. Unusually, drinks here are not reliant on a back bar spirits company contract so offer freedom rather than conformity for the mixologist in choosing premium ingredients for their clever cocktails. I spy top shelf Never Never Distilling Co. gin, now that's what I call a great house martini. And the wine list is inspiring too.

Every little thing you know is magic. Said martini has a petri to collect the pips. Staff check in even when at capacity. Food seems simple, yet the same contemporary edge spikes through. Every 't' is crossed, every detail is remembered. Anchovies on toast, from the all day menu, are just right - a tasty way to soak up the booze, and whet the cravings for more. The best Sydney version of this bite, Olasagasti Calabrian anchovies, match well with stracciatella, salsa verde, and pickled eschallots on toast that is perfectly crisp with just enough butter. 6pm to 9pm chicken leek + pancetta pies are encased in buttery melt-in-your-mouth pastry, leaves on the side are morsels of crisp lettuce with just enough tasty dressing. 

We might be missing the dance floor, but Cafe Freda's still mixes the best music. Guest DJs hit the G spot. All is well again in our Sydney world.