Envy Deli Cafe

Jackie McMillan
2nd Sep 2023

Envy Deli Cafe was a somewhat shocking return to Sydney prices after three and a half weeks on Pasifikan islands. Even without a mortgage, adding some much-needed Aussie bacon ($6) to my zucchini feta fritters ($22.50) did make it feel extortionate. Topped with a single poached egg, the fritters were fluffy and substantial with well-executed Hollandaise, a few sprigs of rocket and a smear of house-made tomato relish. Supplementing chilli scrambled eggs ($21.50) with an excellent Rodriguez chorizo ($6) protein hit again moved us beyond Sydney’s famous eat-smashed-avocado-and-you-can’t-afford-a-house index. However once again, against buttered (praise be) sourdough and wilted spinach, this breakfast ate nicely. 

Small, strong Toby’s Estate flat whites ($5/each) tasted great after island coffee, but I suspect most anything would. Where I do draw the line however was with the chicken and mushroom pies ($13/each) plucked from a nicely abundant cake counter. They looked appetising, had good fillings full of plump hunks of chicken breast in creamy mushroom sauce, but the super-short pastry was awful, both in flavour and crumbly, dry execution. Once bitten, twice as quick to go back to eating breakfast from our restocked fridge and pantry at home.