Rebecca Varidel
15th Aug 2023

New Asian restaurant Konger, in Victoria Street Potts Point, dishes up premium tasty Asian bites to make any punter happy.

Defying the modest outdoor table seating and indoor bar seating, the owner chef creates nibbles of flavour magic to please the most discerning palates. Those with a penchant for chilli will be well pleased by his Thai creations, our best pick of melt-in-your-mouth marvels tops the menu: Wagyu beef skewers and sundried chilli paste ($9 each). As the chilli is served on the side, you control the degree of heat.

More subtle yet enormously satisfying is the Clay pot glass noodles with blue swimmer crab meat ($26). This delightful dish provides flavour complexity beyond its initial nuances and is highly recommended. We loved each dish as the love imparted on the cooking is obvious.

Another favourite, Tempura eastern whiting with prik larb ($18) was light yet luscious, and super crisp. At Konger there is so much more to explore: Urdon jerky ($16), Northern Thai sausage ($18), Pork belly turmeric paste ($28), Salted Wagyu beef red curry ($28), just to name a few other plates on the menu.

Stick to the Asian inspirations on the cocktail list for delicious pairing with the food. Better still have an Asian beer; Asahi or Singha draughts are on tap. This keenly priced casual Potts Point eatery, and its spicy food, lends itself best to these matches.