Koshari Korner

Rebecca Varidel
10th Dec 2023

Koshari Korner has also started serving Egyptian street food from its Marrickville food truck at night, on Friday nights and Saturday nights, not just days. It ticks all the right boxes for an affordable cheap and tasty Sydney eatery, especially before attending the nearby Flightpath Theatre.

Koshari is not only the name of this divinely decorated restaurant - in lovely covered colourful and carpeted canopy adjoining the food truck - but it is also the name of the national dish of Egypt, a dish you will find served in every Egyptian home as well as widely popular street food.

The dish Koshari (koshary, kushari) is full of layers and textures via macaroni, Egyptian fried rice, brown lentils, vermicilli, and topped with chickpeas and crisp fried onions. On the table traditional accoutrements of garlicky vinegar and chilli hot sauce are waiting to douse the Koshari.

Koshari is also purely vegan and therefore also vegetarian as is the Koshari food truck restaurant.

You'll also find Falafel and Eggplant and more by the (Mains) plate with salad and home made pickles, or as a roll. The menu is divided into Mains, Rolls, Snacks - and perhaps the best option for new comers is the sample plate to try it all (just $25).

Yes, the best news is that all this yummy goodness is all made with lots of love and care on the premises, even the desserts.

Yet beyond all this delicious vegan food, you'll find with gentle honest dispositions that the Marrickille Koshari restaurant is a place of open gentle hearts and kind service promoting unity, peace and love in our world.

Whether you're local to the location - the Addison Road Community Centre - or you are travelling from afar, Koshari Korner is a wonderful place to nourish your body and soul.