Like Noodle

Jackie McMillan
25th Jul 2023

Wolli Creek is home to another pocket of good value dining in this increasingly expensive city. Like Noodle Wolli Creek is my latest find. I was lured in by yabbies advertised in window posters. It’s a Shanghainese chain, which formerly had outlets in Hurstville and Kingsford. The popular Wolli Creek restaurant sits opposite Orange Supermarket near the train station. With overhead ropes and rings, the decor makes it feel like you are dining in a gymnasium. Ordering is done at the counter, though steaming bowls of noodles are quickly delivered to the table by friendly, welcoming staff. 

The aforementioned yabbies ($22.80) are stewed in thirteen spices with well-dressed cucumber and vegetable salad, and a mound of white rice. The aromatic broth assaults you with Sichuan peppercorns. It’s absolutely loaded with yabbies and excellent for dipping your double-layer shallot pancake into ($7.80). The namesake homemade noodles with one topping ($13.90) are offered as soup or dry splashed with scallion oil for an extra buck. My chosen adornment—spicy diced pork with potato and tofu—was tasty, balanced nicely by a creamy soy egg ($2.60). Soft drinks, from the yogurt-based chilli companion, Calpis ($3.80), to cans of too-sweet Chinese tea ($3.80) wrap up a cheap and satisfying lunch.