Dae Jang Kum

Jackie McMillan
22nd Jul 2023

Just when I was starting to think good value could only be found in Burwood, Haymarket struck back with Dae Jang Kum. Perfectly placed for dinner after a film, this popular Korean restaurant decked out in traditional blonde wood, boasts a late night (midnight) kitchen. Super friendly floor staff seat us immediately, setting us up with seven bowls of banchan shortly after we place our order. 

We kick our late night meal off with a super-sized jeon: a fluffy seafood pancake ($25) studded with octopus and prawns. A hot stone bowl ($23) of beef bibimbap and a cheese ($4) add-on isn’t the tastiest or best version I’ve tried. However it’s hot and comforting on a cold night, and, after the ravages of lockout laws then COVID-19, I’m grateful to be able to eat honest, healthy food after ten o’clock at night. We wrap our meal with a half serve of spicy chicken with rice cake ($25). Glistening with sticky red sauce the nicely cooked boneless hunks of bird are slightly too sweet for me, saved by a good level of spiciest underneath. They suit Kloud ($7) Korean beer. Portions here are generous, but takeaway containers are happily supplied.