White Rabbit Marrickville

Jackie McMillan
28th Feb 2024

White Rabbit had big shoes to step into in taking over the former site of West Juliett in Marrickville. It’s the fourth store from this small chain who also have venues in Drummoyne and Double Bay. The offering is half cafe, half bakery, though I was surprised to find out in situ that despite harbouring their own bread shop for takeaway purchases, most of the baking isn’t done on site. Bread is bought in from Sonoma, and pastries are plucked from local standout Goose Bakery in Forest Lodge. 

In a suburb known for its Vietnamese offerings, the cracking pork pork belly salad ($28) ain’t going to make the grade with overcooked hockey pucks of meat tangled through a bland salad lacking much interest from chilli or a strong herbaceous lift. While a fish sandwich ($18) looked impressive with the sheer amount of crumbed fish extending beyond the confines of its milk bun, it ate a bit blandly against iceberg lettuce, Kewpie mayo. and melted cheese. I could have done without the black chips. The interior space is very noisy and could do with some soundproofing. With the former West Juliett team opening up Agnes (also in Marrickville) to hold onto regulars, this little chain cafe is going to have to step things up a little.