Warike Journey Through Peru

It's possibly more than 10,000 years since the Incas first cultivated the potato in Peru. The potato is now the ultimate comfort food enjoyed around the world, but did you know that the International Potato Center in Peru has preserved almost 5,000 varieties? Beyond the food that we know and love now globally, the domestication of the so called 'humble' potato is also important as sited as the first crop in the history of agriculture.

Here in Sydney, Chef Hector Chunga, proud of his Peruvian heritage and perhaps a little nostalgic for his childhood there, has introduced a tasting menu at Warike that pays homage to his roots. (Pardon the pun!)

Not only is Chef Hector Chunga wanting to introduce more about native ingredients and flavours at his restaurants in Sydney which he now calls home, but he is also always challenging himself and pushing the boundaries to improve his dishes and the diners' restaurant experience.

For the first time in Sydney, Warike has introduced potatoes as the Peruvian native foods hero in the new restaurant tasting menu Journey Through Peru. The potatoes are announced in a spectacular fashion - in the Huatia - which dates back to the Inca Empire and translates as earthen oven - under clay. The Warike menu is large and sumptuous and includes many other Peruvian ingredients, techniques, sauces and dishes such as Peruvian white corn, Peruvian chillis, aji amarillo, tiger's milk and banana plantain. Warike is the perfect introduction to this cuisine or to expand the knowledge and taste buds of those that already have experienced Peruvian food - in restaurants or at home.

Journey Through Peru

Canasta de Panes

Pan Chapia. Pan Campesino de Huacatay (Peruvian artisan bread), Rocoto butter, Chrimoya cream

Oysters Ai Aji Amarillo

Sydney rock oysters, Aji Amarillo sauce, dill oi. chalaquita, tiger's milk

Tartaleta de Majariscos

Prawns, calamari, scallops. Aji Amarillo, ikura, chives, Parmesan cheese


Peruvian white corn, coriander, Peruvian chillies, onion

Patacon y Cecina

Banana plantain, beef tenderloin, Aji Amarillo, capsicums, Chicha de lora

Tiradito Natural

Bass grouper, lime, olive oil, banaana plantain, cassava, chalaquita


Native potatoes, Peruvian sauces (Uchucuta, Huancaina, Huacatay)

Ceviche de Pato

Maryland duck leg and duck breast, Aji Amarillo, cassava, peas and orange


We tasted this new Sydney food adventure on the day the new Warike Peruvian degustation was introduced, and say go for it! Let your taste buds take you on an international trip to places you've never been, unless you've been to the Andes already. And if you have, why not come back for a delicious return visit in Surry Hills.

Dishes are served to be shared. Journey Through Peru is a set price menu of $125 per person. In the latest incantation this has been updated to start with the Oysters, to also include Escabeche - Mussels, fennel, Aji Panca, Chicha de Jora - and not the artisan breads. A $99 per person tasting menu is also available at Warike.