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King Street, Newtown

King Street is quite unlike any other in Sydney - last survey in 2012 reported more restaurants than residents (bald faced lie) with more appearing every day (also a lie). With so many places calling for your attention, you could probably do with a little guidance, yes? Lucky thing - here you go.

  • Bloodwood

    416 King Street

    An outstanding example of daring cuisine in a venue positively brimming with that substance we call “hip”. Dishes are designed to be shared, so play along and just be grateful you get to try as much of their menu as you can before it disappears. That’s right - Bloodwood changes their menu every month, keeping you salivating and hungering for another visit. The polenta chips with gorgonzola dip are fantastic, and with any luck they’ll still be there. The beer menu is worth a mention too, with craft beers heralding from all over the place and not a damn VB in sight.

  • Matee Turkish Grill

    528 King Street

    A Turkish restaurant and take-away with real character and authentic (read fantastic) dishes. Portion sizes are devastatingly generous, so go easy when you order that double chicken shish, tiger. Enjoy a vegetarian meal with real substance, like the supreme falafel wrap, and for good measure take a side of vine leaves or stuffed cabbage. As if this wasn’t already enough, you can polish off an evening with you and yours by indulging in some real turkish delight and a cup of turkish tea.

  • Better Read Than Dead

    265 King Street

    A thoroughly well-stocked and loved bookstore found on the hustle and bustle of King Street in Newtown. You can find anything from latest releases, timeless classics and even the odd rarity from local authors. Open late to draw in the evening diners, and honestly who isn’t dying to get into a bookstore between dinner and dessert? Literary lovers, tread carefully - you might get sucked in and spend a little too long pawing over the range of books inside. Dessert can wait, of course.

  • Claire's Crepes

    457a King Street

    Whether you’re after a main meal or dessert, you can have both with a crepe! Claire’s Crepes will throw together savoury and sweet for your enjoyment, from mushroom and cheese to strawberries and nutella. The latter must be a favourite, as they’ve gone through enough giant nutella jars to decorate the place with them. If anyone can judge a good crepe it’s the French, and insider knowledge reveals that this is the closest you’ll get to Brittany, and direct from King Street too.

  • Gelato Blue

    318 King Street

    There are good gelato places and ‘holy-wow, this is some good gelato’ places. Gelato Blue has made itself royally at home in the second option and there’s no denying that it belongs there. All gelato is made on the premises, one tub at a time, and with the greatest care. For those generally barred from ice cream for their dietary restrictions, rejoice! Vegan and gluten-free options are available in many shapes and forms. If, like human-beings, you’d like your dessert to be heavily caffeinated/scrumptious, try an Affogato.