Dan Pepperell Steps Out Of The Kitchen

Rebecca Varidel
2nd May 2016

News is Dan Pepperell has left his tiny 10 William Street kitchen and is now the rock star Chef de Cuisine at the new Swillhouse Huberts. Way back when we checked in with Dan about what he likes to do outside of work. So here it is, what happens when chef steps out of the kitchen? Here's his five.

1. Swim at Icebergs

Swimming is so much fun.

2. Dinner at LP's Quality Meats

Because smoked meat is the best meat.

3. Mary's, Frankies, Superbowl Chinese Restaurant

In that order...

4. Afternoon nap in the Botanical Gardens

Smell the native violets wafting in the cool afternoon north easterly sea breeze as you lay back on the freshly cut vibrant green grass, contemplating the unification of time and space as a four-dimensional continuum as you drift off into sleep.

5. Eveleigh Farmers Market

Everything you need to know about this year's release of the spring/summer collection for fruit and veg.