Top Five Most Memorable Desserts of 2018

Joseph Lloyd
14th Dec 2018

Providing some of the most seductive culinary moments this year, we’ve compiled a list of our most memorable desserts including three that we think need to be brought back as permanent additions to their menus!

Reece Hignell's Macadamia Caramel Blondie, Gelatissimo The Rocks

“The smooth and creamy macademia gelato forms the perfect base” says MasterChef alum and Gelatissimo creator, Reece Hignell.   It’s rich caramel swirls and golden blondie [chunks] tossed generously through”.  This was one of the first in a series of Deluxe Range flavors that left quite an impression.

The Slider, Tella Balls Castle Hill

It’s a burger lover’s dream with a a heavenly ice cream ‘patty’ drizzled in Nutella on a bed of Cadbury Flakes.  It’s the dessert bar where the outrageous is manifested and it never fails to deliver.  A ninth and tenth store are opening soon.

Bombe Alaska, Flour Drum Newtown

““This dessert [pictured] offers a trip down memory lane” says co-owner, Victor Li. The flames of the Italian meringue and sponge rise from the flambéed Cointreau pour as the table gasps in delight. Goat’s milk gelato, toasted hazelnuts and dulce de leche a soothing combination of peace.  It’s the perfect end note to their newer dinner menu.

Chocolate Dome, Guylian Cafe, Sydney
A sorbet centre with a choice of coconut, chocolate, vanilla or raspberry it was a beautifully encased in sphere of milk chocolate.   Its luscious centre revealed only after the warm pour of dark chocolate.

Turkish Delight Milkshake, Milky Lane Bondi

Continually pushing the bounds of their dreamy stunt food through universal cravings and nostalgia, this megashake was loaded with chunks of milk chocolate and turkish delight and lined with chocolate syrup.  It’s striking purple foam, chocolate bar and cube of Turkish delight capped with an extra drizzle with chocolate sauce!   Obscenely delicious!  Now in five locations.