Harry Potter Christmas Lights

Rebecca Varidel
13th Dec 2023

I live in one of those streets you see on the news! Decorating our houses in the suburbs is one of our favourite ways to celebrate Christmas in Sydney. If you take a drive or walk around South West Sydney you'll see what I mean. When I moved into the house one March a couple of years back, it was one of the first things the neighbours told me. And made it clear that come Christmas, I had to play my part.

This year, the magic expands with a truly spectacular Christmas lights display! With a wave of the wand, one home in the suburbs will transform into a spellbinding exhibit of wizarding whimsy, bringing the magic of Hogwarts to life with more Christmas lights and iconic Harry Potter themed decorations and details than even a first year’s Lumos charm could conjure!

The festive season is a time of many cherished traditions, but nothing brings families and communities together across Australia quite like the annual tradition of heading out to explore the Christmas lights trail and admiring all the houses covered in lights and decorations. Surrounded by some of Sydney's brightest streets, the Harry Potter Christmas Lights house will be bringing the joy of Christmas in the wizarding world to light. Arriving on the streets of Ramsgate Beach just in time for the holiday season, the Harry Potter Christmas Lights house is free for fans and families to enjoy and a must-see on Sydney’s Christmas lights trail this year.

Visitors will delight in much-loved elements and wizarding wonders from the Harry Potter series coming to life, with everything from floating candles, Patronus Animals, glowing Golden Snitches, Christmas trees adorned in Hogwarts house colours, Thestrals pulling a carriage on the roof, and five Dobby’s hidden amongst the decorations for fans to find! There is even a huge Whomping Willow tree in the yard, so just be sure to park the car on the street, not in the tree like Ron!

“Harry Potter is getting ready to cast a spell on Australia this holiday season and next year. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or looking for a new Christmas tradition, our magical Harry Potter Christmas Lights house is a must-visit destination and something everyone can enjoy. The Harry Potter Christmas Lights house will be lighting up every night from now until December 26, meaning fans and families have enough time to visit Sydney with their wands (and cameras) in hand to experience the magic this Christmas” exclaims Sasha Mackie, Senior Director of Marketing at Warner Bros. Discovery Australia.

The Harry Potter Christmas House
30 Alfred Street, Ramsgate Beach in Sydney
Wednesday 13 to Tuesday 26 December