Wicked In Oz 2023

Rebecca Varidel
9th Sep 2023

Wicked opens spectacularly. From the first bar of music, the curtain opening, a giant winged dragon overhead and flying monkeys scampering up and down the stage extensions, the opening night audience knows Sydney is about to see something very special.

Wicked In Oz will be the biggest Sydney theatre hit of the year.

Courage. Heart. Brains. This new 2023 production has it all. The most brilliant set, amazing costumes, wonderful live orchestra, entertaining choreography and three generations of our top Australian musical theatre stars to pump our heartbeats with their musical magic.

With a musical story that everybody knows, yet some have never heard before. Wicked is not what you expect. A story of friends, family and lovers. A story of the Emerald City in a land called Oz. Yet most of all it is a tale about being authentically true. True to oneself.

Sheridan Adams as Elphaba truly dazzles from timidity to tremour, with a crystal clear voice that flies above the city, and sweeping gestures that can't help but take us somewhere over a rainbow. She's refined, defined and divine. A star is born.

Courtney Monsma as Glinda had me both hating (you know - that most popular girl at school) and loving her, and laughing and laughing and laughing, in her charismatic dynamite portrayal. What comedic timing. What a vocal range. (Practising my hair flicks.)

Liam Head extends himself into every aspect and every corner of Fiyero as the shining new superstar of the Australian stage. Not one ounce of imagination could have you seeing him play this part any differently or better.

Then when you add the very talented Australian stage icon of Todd McKenney (who is just so superb as a dithering old Wizard) and the legendary command of the grande Robin Nevin (who is so powerful as Madame Morrible she can even whip up a tornado) there is no where to go except up. This superb cast, crew and creatives surely were Defying Gravity. Wicked in Oz 2023 is showing our City of Sydney and The World the new best version of its stunning self.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Sydney Lyric Theatre to make sure you get your seats to this must-see musical magic as soon as you can.