Sydney Fringe Festival: Class Browns

Mimi Dang
7th Sep 2023

Class Browns is an amateur comedy show that brings together the comedic talents of Akila, Riv, and Sath, three Sydney comedians who are on the cusp of greatness. And if not, as the show humorously suggests, one of them might just reincarnate as Waleed Aly. The show is a delightful blend of cultural humor, clever observations, and relatable anecdotes. Akila, Riv, and Sath draw upon their Indian and Sri Lankan backgrounds and upbringing in Western Sydney to create a unique comedic experience that resonates with a diverse audience.

Their comedy is light-hearted and flippant, the kind you would expect in an episode of The Office.  The trio’s banter and interactions don’t always flow effortlessly, however there is a charm in watching these budding comedians navigate their chemistry and experiment with their art. There isn’t a dull moment as the boys bring to light cultural stereotypes and differences with wit and tact and stories that will have the audience in stitches.  

The boys only have two shows at the Sydney Fringe Festival wrapping up this Friday 8 Sept. Grab your tickets and order a mango lassi, classic Ceylon tea or a double shot of arrack. If you’re looking for a night of silliness and laughter, Class Browns is the show for you.