Emoji Buns

Rebecca Varidel
25th Jan 2017

Now it's time to pop emojis into your mouth as well as onto your screens!

The innovative Chinese cuisine specialists, Chefs Gallery have done it again, bringing you a new way of expressing your inner foodie, introducing the new Emoji Bun range. Complied of all your favourite emoji’s, these clever little characters will have you in frenzy and instantly addicted when they land on the menu at Chefs Gallery on Thursday January 26th.

Don’t let their playful nature deceive you. These new buns are equal parts delicate and delicious, with soft and fluffy casing and gooey custard centre that will have you growing hearts for eyes. They will be available at Chefs Gallery restaurants in Town Hall, Macquarie Centre, Bankstown, Parramatta and Hurstville.

Through the introduction of countless scrumptious Chinese buns, Chefs Gallery has grown to become a pioneer within the Sydney urban dessert scene. From the wickedly delightful Piggy Buns to these new Emoji buns, innovation has become a part of the Chefs Gallery dining culture.

The experience of Chefs Gallery dining is unparalleled, integrating aspects of artistry and taste that evoke thumbs up all around. Chefs are visible by passing members of the public as they work behind a glass wall, carefully crafting hand-made noodles and dumplings oozing with flavour.

Stay in touch with Chefs Gallery:
Website: www.chefsgallery.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChefsGalleryRestaurant