Sarah Todd x Hot Toddy @ Spice Trader

Mimi Dang
25th Nov 2023

Sydney’s temperature rose a few degrees last Thursday with the launch of Hot Toddy Chilli Sauce by the dynamic sibling duo, Sarah and Matt Todd, at the Spice Trader Bar in the magnificent heritage-listed The Porter House Hotel. The event was a glamorous affair celebrating flavour, culture and culinary artistry, with ghost chilli spiced cocktails and French canapes that perfectly showcased the premium flavours in the Hot Toddy range.

The backstory of Hot Toddy is as enticing as the sauces themselves. Sarah Todd, the talented celebrity chef, restaurateur and author, and her experimental brother Matt, shared a mutual passion for chilli sauce that led to the creation of this exceptional range. The spark that ignited this venture came when Sarah's homemade chilli sauce caught the attention of renowned chef George Calombaris, who featured it in one of his dishes on Instagram. The overwhelming response from people around the world clamoring for the sauce paved the way for the launch of Hot Toddy.

What sets Hot Toddy apart is its dedication to proving that chilli is not just about heat but also about flavour. The carefully curated range draws inspiration from a variety of cultures, including India, Japan, Thailand, and Australia. In a culturally diverse country that has long embraced spicy delights, Hot Toddy showcases a spectrum of spice levels, from the mild Kashmiri Tomato Sauce to the daring Ghost Chilli – a testament to the Todd siblings' commitment to catering to diverse palates.

Sarah Todd, with her classical culinary skills honed at Le Cordon Bleu and influenced by her extensive travels, has successfully carved a niche for herself in the global food scene. Her appearances on Network Ten's Farm to Fork and her three successful restaurants in India are a testament to her culinary prowess. The Hot Toddy sauces reflect not just her expertise but also the rich tapestry of flavors she has encountered on her culinary journey.

The range's emphasis on quality ingredients, coupled with its gluten-free and vegan credentials, aligns perfectly with the growing demand for wholesome and inclusive food options. Store bought condiments and sauces can be notorious for its high sugar content and preservatives and Hot Toddy is committed to keeping the ingredients minimal and fresh with zero preservatives. Less is more and your taste buds will love you for it. The versatility of these sauces, whether used in cooking or as a condiment, makes them a valuable addition to any kitchen. It can spruce up a spaghetti bolognaise, add flavour in a cocktail seafood sauce or be simply enjoyed as a dollop on top of anything and everything. In addition, the beautifully presented bottles add a touch of elegance to the dinner table and highlights the passion and attention to detail of Sarah and Matt.  

Hot Toddy offers a collection of five sauces that transcend boundaries, exploring the diverse world of spices and chilies. From the aromatic Kashmiri Tomato and Birdseye Chilli inspired by Indian cuisine to the zesty Sweet Chilli from Thailand, the bold 7-Spice Sriracha from Japan, and the fiery Birdseye Chilli from Australia, each sauce is a journey in itself. Whether you are an entry level or expert with your spice tolerance, there is something for everyone.

You can find the Hot Toddy range online or stocked at your nearest Harris Farm Markets.