Enjoy Mie

Jackie McMillan
5th Apr 2023

With a name like Enjoy Mie it’s probably obvious that you should visit to eat noodles, however I sought out this Indonesian restaurant with a hankering for sate. After climbing a short flight of stairs up from Sussex Street, you enter a light and spacious restaurant. Ordering takes place at the counter from a large, photo-illustrated menu card, while table choices are left up to you. Captured in the name (but not the photo) sate ayam lontong ($16.90) presents five chicken sate with lantong (steamed rice cakes) under a rich and nutty peanut sauce. The intensity is cut by a crisp, raw sambal with tiny red bullet chillies. The pork belly version of the same dish—sate babi lontong ($16.90) switches out the peanut-based sauce for a less tasty sticky-sweet soy-based glaze but has more char. 

As for the noodles, bakmi komplit ($18.50) gives you a bowl of Chinese-style wheat noodles with meat (either diced chook or minced pork), a pork wonton, beef balls, a braised soy egg, bean sprouts and blanched greens with a simple fried onion-enhanced broth passed separately. You can also get a complete rice-based meal, like nasi komplit rendang ($18.90), where a dark, heavily reduced coconut-based beef curry tasting strongly of star anise is arranged around a mound of rice with gado dado, sambal-topped lightly fried egg (sambal telur), raw vegetables and colourful cassava crackers. There’s no booze available, but you can get poppers of Teh Kotak ($3.50) or tall glasses of es kelapa cincau ($7.90) where grass jelly, young coconut, and coconut water pleasantly mingle.