Stevies Little Shop

Rebecca Varidel
29th Dec 2023

The Carlton corner shop on Willison Road - Stevies - looks unassuming enough from the outside. Yet step inside and meet bubbly blonde bombshell Megan Stevenson and before you even check out the shelves and fridges you somehow feel assured deliciousness is just a mouthful away.

Before the rise of the supermarkets, the local corner store was the hub for supplies and community in Sydney. More than 50 years later the suburbs, in their search for quality and care are witnessing somewhat of a corner store Renaissance. Here in Sydney's south, Stevies Little Shop is leading the way.

Stevies' fridges are bursting with produce from premium providores such as FarmGate To Plate grassfed meats and Lake Macquarie free range eggs.

Thoroughbread Bakery sourdoughs are delivered daily, seven days a week to Stevies Little Shop. (Although artisan bread afficiandos can also trek directly to the wholesale baker on Saturday mornings, when for a few hours each week the Kirrawee bakery is open to the public.)

Added to those finds, the real prize here on the shelves, and in the fridges and freezer, at Stevies is the gorgeous goodies handmade by world traveller and Canberra trained chef Stevie. Grateful for the goodness, and that she has opened here, so close to where we now both call home.

Stevie's also serves a weekend only breakfast to supplement the takeaway sandwiches the cafe shop also prepares and sells seven days. There are two high benches inside, and a handful of tables with stools, even if all you want to do is sit a while and sip coffee from the eclectic collection of china cups.