Ceviche Happy Hours

Rebecca Varidel
7th Nov 2023

Warike and Lima Sydney restaurants both share a common passion for infusing the vibrant flavours of Peruvian cuisine into their food and drinks.

Warike, an inspiring success story, has rapidly gained acclaim for its distinctive fusion of Peruvian and Mediterranean flavors. Lima, a harmonious blend of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, meticulously crafted by culinary maestros Luis Guzman and Hector Chunga.

"Our journey began when I started cooking at home during the lockdown. Our passion for sharing Peru's diverse and exciting flavours drove us to grow beyond the confines of my apartment," Says Luis Guzman.

"We wanted to create a restaurant that serves great food and tells a story," adds Hector Chunga. 

Ceviche Happy Hour

As if the culinary delights weren't enticing enough, here's something special to look forward to:

To tempt you on this culinary journey Luiz Guzman and Hector Chunga are hosting Ceviche Happy Hour every Tuesday through Friday from 5pm to 6pm at both restaurants when all ceviches will be available at just $20, with matching wines available for just $5. 

This exciting promotion runs right through until the end of this month.

This Ceviche Happy Hour is the perfect way to introduce your palate to the pleasures of Warike and Lima restaurabts, where Peruvian influences are celebrated in different and exciting ways.