Yok Yor

Jackie McMillan
15th Jul 2023

Dubbed Thai Town for its high concentration of Thai restaurants and businesses, the stretch of Campbell Street between George Street and the railway is alive with outdoor diners on a Thursday night. Pass by the big names, like the ever-popular Chat Thai, and stalls and grocery stores selling colourful Thai desserts, and head closer to the trains for Yok Yor. While this restaurant has been around for well over a decade, its popularity sees every table—both inside and outside on a cool winter evening—full. Lucky they’re happy to throw us on the end with another couple. 

Extending beyond the usual suspects—yes you can still eat pad Thai—the illustrated menu presents an extended selection of authentic Thai cuisine. On the specials menu, there are a few contemporary presentations, like the Mama ohho tom yum ($26.90) where Mama brand noodles join prawns, squid, mussels, minced pork meatballs, mushrooms, cabbage and a whole egg in a hotpot of tangy tom yum soup. It’s a generous and tasty dish and well suited for the weather. It contrasts nicely with som tum tart ($24.90) where a bowl of green papaya salad forms the centrepiece for a collection of side dishes. Crunch your way though fresh sweet cabbage leaves and green beans, crisp pork cracking, turmeric-tinged chicken wings, pickles, and fried sun-dried sweet and salty beef. 

Dusted with ground roasted rice powder, nam tok pork ($17.90) is another winner. It’s rated as two chillies (dishes go up to four) for the dried chilli, lime juice and shallot dressing, and it’s spicy enough by my standards. Iced coconut ($7) will take the sting out. There were so many dishes I wanted to try I’m already keen to return. Plus it’s speedy and perfectly placed for dinner and a show at the Capitol Theatre.