Marci Lou's Burger Co.

Rebecca Varidel
25th Jan 2024

There's something about pulling off a busy main road and picking up a take out at a food truck.

Marci Lou's Burger Co. is a regular pitstop on my late night way home when I don't take the toll roads.

As the name declares, the Marci Lou's food trucks serve up freshly grilled burgers, smash to be precise. Burger afficiandos love the traditional hot plate smash which pushes the meat down to achieve more surface area with the heat. My preferred Marci Lou's is the Cheese Burger ($13) which comes with the American cheese melted over the smash beef patty while on the grill. This also means the meat needs a higher fat content to keep the patty juicy. To be honest, I'm in the smaller group who likes a big fat juicy rissole charred on the outside, still rare-ish in the middle. Just saying. Here, the sesame bun is nicely toasted. My regular choice gives good pickles, and the right squeeze of tomato sauce.

You could double up on the beef patties, choose a traditional chicken or devour a more quirky camel burger instead. Whichever burger you select, be sure to also order Marci Lou's loaded fries ($10 is a large serve).

My road stops are to the smash repair colocation at 668 Canterbury Road, Belmore. Although there's ample annex seating and good food truck vibes, I usually jump in my car with my take away to eat once home.

Marci Lou's is also located at 323 Hume Highway, Cabramatta.

Any way or either location, when you fill your belly, the Marci Lou's burgers are 100% halal.