Salma’s Canteen

Jackie McMillan
14th Oct 2023

A red brick facade in Rosebery hides quite the treasure. Salma’s Canteen - named for co-owner Michael Rantissi’s (Kepos Street Kitchen) Mum - will make you fall in love with salad. And if, by some twist of fate you’re immune to the charms of loaded plates ($22) of apple, red onion, pecan and blue cheese teamed with cous cous, pistachio and celery matched to your protein of choice, there are also Andy Bowdy’s (ex-Saga) pastries. Sadly I was too stuffed after consuming my salads from a takeaway box with 120 grams of date-glazed ham. 

Orders are placed with a concierge who stands - iPad at the ready - in front of the beautifully arranged salad bar. My dining companion - who got her three salad ($18) lunch on a plate after Rantissi snaffled us a highly-sought after table - opted for fried cauliflower and bean salad alongside the same cous cous salad I enjoyed. She ended up loading half of it into a takeaway container so she could eat Bowdy’s famous fennel cake ($11) with yoghurt and mandarin. I eyed off a tidy row strawberry malted milk and custard buns ($10/each) but left with the satisfaction of just having had salad and a bottle of Allie’s daily greens juice ($6.50).