Sushi Train Newtown

Jackie McMillan
1st Jul 2023

With time to kill in Newtown, I reacquainted myself with the ever-popular Sushi Train, thankfully before a queue started forming just outside the door. A simple counter affair, this small restaurant offers multiple ways to order. You can scan the QR code and place an order on your phone, signal to attentive staff and order in person, or select items yourself from the train. A chalkboard lists the catch of the day, with items like sea urchin ($10/2 pieces) only available by speaking directly to staff. 

From the train Alfonsino ($6/2 pieces), ruby-red tuna maguro ($6/2 pieces) and paler pink tuna ($10/2 pieces) all impress on freshness and are nicely balanced by the rice. Ordered online, raw wagyu ($5.50/2 pieces), thinly sliced to show off the marbling, is accentuated by a fresh horseradish garnish. While I’m a bit of a purist and head straight for the raw fishes, there are many more elaborate rolls featuring cooked items. I did indulge in grilled unagi (eel) and egg sushi ($6/2 pieces) dusted with sesame seeds. The sweetness of the tamago made it a nice place to finish. Pricing here is on the high side for a sushi train chain, but so is the quality: you definitely eat a better range of better quality fishes here than at most of their competitors.