The Naked Baker

Rebecca Varidel
28th Jan 2024

The Naked Baker at Mortdale is the next in the industrial zone eateries, albeit with a dashing fresh white paint job and cavernous eat in cafe to complement the onsite bakery.

"Everything is made here" I'm told as I stock up on take home pastries, at the same pay-when-you-order counter where I paid for my eat-in brunch.

Part of the delight of the big bright premises is not only the its-all-made-here goodies but also that the large glass windows allow the voyeurs to see into the pastry making area.

Food is art. And gimmicks. And in the next wave of new age inventions, The Naked Baker offers its own south western Sydney version in the brunch menu Croffle Benny ($25). The result when a The Naked Bakery croissant is pressed and toasted in the waffle maker is delightfully good. The buttery croissant layers, still slightly recognisable, add a lightness to replace the traditional batter of the dish. There's a slight sweetness to the base. Despite only one of two eggs presented with runny yolks, and just some of the generous Black Forest bacon crispy, the generous brunch dish eats reasonably well.

Service is swift, and attempts at friendly hospitality. Although three months to the day after opening, there are still slight hiccups. My fork facing downwards on an unfinished plate, a server goes to clear my breakfast, and also picks up my paper napkin, wipes her hands on it, then puts it back down on my table when I say I haven't finished. I know its not high end dining, but even on a busy weekend with the large cafe at capacity, it is important not to make customers feel hurried.

The Naked Baker offers premium coffees, but I see the options too late on my way out. Next time? Great coffee is always a welcome addition to the 'hood.

On my way out, the glass display cabinet of pastries proves too hard to resist, and I purchase a tasty Double pastrami scroll, scrumptious Mushroom truffle mayo focaccia and a too runny custard 'Portugese' tart on my way back to my car.

59 Boundary Road, Mortdale.